• The day I met the pen-man.

    Thu 28th February 2013.
    I've been getting to do some quite different wee jobs recently - and here's one of them. When you get the opportunity to take photos of pens made from old whiskey barrels, you don't turn it down. Me and the pens bonded in the studio over a coffee - actually...
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  • Red Raven Product Shoot

    Fri 2nd March 2012.
    It’s always great to here of N.Irish businesses doing something innovative. So it was cool to find a company in the depths of our business park doing something different with racing googles. People use these for motocross, supercross, trail riding, … ...
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  • New Irish Choir & Orchestra

    Sat 28th January 2012.
    I cannot believe it’s the end of January and I’m only blogging this now! Have had these edited since before Christmas but just never got around to posting them on here… In my opinion, the New Irish concert is the … ...
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  • Off to the Theatre….

    Wed 12th October 2011.
    Well now for something completely different! Tonight I’m off to the theatre to watch The Fringe Benefits Theatre Company’s productions of ‘The Man With a Flower in His Mouth’ and ‘Lovers – Winners, Losers’. It was great fun to have … ...
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  • Its always nice to see your work being used…

    Fri 4th June 2010.
    It’s always nice to see your work out and in the hands of the public. And so it was good to see this little brochure making the rounds, which includes a photograph I took. Its one of a series taken … ...
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  • The Christmas Self Portrait

    Fri 6th November 2009.
    Every Christmas, I face the feedback from friends and family that I spend much more time behind the camera than in front of it! The fact is I spend so much time taking photographs, that I often escape being the … ...
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  • Concert Photography

    Mon 29th June 2009.
    Something a bit different! I recently covered two concerts – one in the Waterfront Hall and one in the Millenium Forum, Derry. It was good fun – my legs were sore for a week after climbing all those steps at … ...
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