Getting Ready – Wedding Tips

  • Hair & Make-up advice: Interview with Bridal Beauty NI

    Wed 7th June 2017.
    It's no surprise that you'll want to look and feel amazing on your wedding day. Having worked with Bridal Beauty NI for years, I know first hand how wonderful this company are, making them first choice for hair and make-up with brides across the country. Today, I caught up with...
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  • Top luxurious honeymoon destinations

    Fri 12th May 2017.
    One of the most exciting tasks on your wedding planning to-do list will no doubt be booking your honeymoon! Many couples take the opportunity to go all out and book a once in a lifetime trip and we say, why not! From sensational all inclusive resorts, to tropical islands we've...
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  • Tips for having your wedding dress custom made

    Wed 19th April 2017.
    Considering having your wedding dress custom made? If you're not sure where to begin or the thought terrifies you a little, I caught up with my sister Ruth who talks through the process of and how one designer ensured she ended up with the dress of her dreams. ...
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  • Dressing the reception room

    Fri 14th October 2016.
    The reception room is where you’ll spend the majority of your wedding day so no doubt you’ll want it to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether your budget is big or small there are so many ways to add a splash of your personality and really set your...
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  • Top 10 ways to get inspired when wedding planning

    Fri 14th October 2016.
    Feeling overwhelmed? Lacking in motivation or inspiration to just get things done for your wedding? Spending months upon months planning, coordinating and being fully immersed in a wedding frenzy may lead to bridal burnout. But hey, it’s okay to feel like this sometimes. To help you get back in the...
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  • Improve your posture for your wedding day photos

    Sun 24th April 2016.
    Good posture packs a multitude of little known benefits such as making you look younger, slimmer, taller, more confident and photogenic. ...
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  • 10 tips to beat the post-wedding blues

    Wed 23rd March 2016.
    With so much of your life focused on your one 'big day', it's no surprise that many brides feel a little blue, sad or depressed even. Post-wedding blues are a real thing and its occurrence is on the rise. So what's next?! Check out just a few tips to beat...
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  • If the shoe fits: A guide to choosing your wedding shoes

    Sat 27th February 2016.
    The title might read "If the shoe fits" but when it comes to choosing wedding shoes, it's definitely much more than simply the fit. The fact is, many women are just as excited about choosing their wedding shoes as their dress and we can't blame them! It's the perfect opportunity...
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  • Tips for choosing your bridal underwear

    Thu 28th January 2016.
    Let's face it - it's a shared view among many women that what we wear underneath our clothes can instantly change our mood and so choosing the right lingerie for your wedding day is essential! Here, Aideen McCanny shares her tips for getting it just right! ...
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  • Top Tips For Planning a Winter Wedding

    Wed 20th January 2016.
    Winter can be a truly magical time of the year! Sparkly, twinkly lights, roaring open fires and lots of festive cheer combine to offer a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. If you are tying the knot during this sensational season, don't miss our essential tips for a flawless winter wedding. ...
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