Getting the most out of your pet photography session


For many, no home is complete without a pet. As a valuable member of your family, you’ll want to capture their personality and a pet photography session is the perfect way to do just that! 




At Peter Thomas Photography we have years of experience in photographing pets. From pampered pooches, to curious cats, and even bouncy rabbits… we’ve truly seen it all!


Each session is uniquely tailored around your pet’s temperament so that we can capture their personality traits in an environment devoid of stress. To do this, each shoot involves a little prior planning and working with you for a smooth running session that isn’t a cat-astrophe. The end result is a bespoke, professional set of images to treasure for a lifetime.

There truly is nothing more special than capturing your beloved pet’s behaviour, which serves as a perfect memento to cherish for years to come. At your session you can expect a fun experience, and plenty of shots to reflect just that. After this, we’ll edit your photos to highlight your pet’s best features, before inviting you back in to view the end result. You can then choose how you want to show off your photos, from framed collages, to fine art prints – perfectly displayed to take pride of place in your home.

To get the most out of your session, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. While your pet may be perfectly behaved, point a camera at them and they can suddenly develop a mind of their own. But, armed with these top tips, we can ensure a smooth running session and a great set of images at the end.

Prior planning

Before your session we’ll talk through what to envision for the shoot, including background colour, style of shots etc.

Location is key

We offer both a studio session or a location of your choice, such as in your home or a local park. Consider what style you’d prefer to determine the perfect location.


Clean & groomed

No doubt you’ll want your pet to look its best so having them groomed and cleaned a couple of days before will do just that. Plus, a flawless, shiny coat looks fabulous in photos.




Walk beforehand

When it comes to dogs, ensure he or she has been walked, especially if they’re a little hyper. We know cats can be lazy little creatures so try to time the appointment around when they are most alert.


Toys & treats

Armed with your pet’s favourite toy or treat is a great way to reward good behaviour and keep them calm, so keep these tools handy.


Familiarise with flash

If possible, get your pet used to flash before the session by taking a few snaps with a camera or even a phone so they’re a little less startled before we begin.





Props for pets

Props can make a welcome addition to photos, instantly adding that fun element. Cute dogs can perfectly play up to that trait with adorable hats, while bulldogs can portray their macho image.

Family photo

As your pet is likely to be at the heart of your family, consider a group family photo to highlight this.



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So, to get started, this is all you need to do:

  1. Give the studio a call or email, and we’ll get you booked in
  2. Have a chat with us about your vision and we’ll swap ideas
  3. Enjoy your fun-filled photo session
  4. About a week after the shoot, we’ll invite you back to the studio to view your photos
  5. Purchase your photos in whatever style you like
  6. Let your photos take pride of place in your home and enjoy for years to come


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