Would you like a box of puppies?


We caught up with Assisi volunteer, Susan Farr and her three dogs, Thomas, Indie and Blossom.

“Would you like to look after these puppies?” A question that most would love to be asked and one that Susan Farr has said yes to time and time again. Susan, who had only popped in to pick up her daughter who was volunteering at the Animal Sanctuary as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award, first got involved with Assisi Animal Sanctuary as a foster carer for pups.

“There was a litter of pups abandoned over Christmas in a box that needed all round care. I looked after them until they were ready to live at Assisi, in hope of being rehomed.”

“Altogether I have looked after 5 litters of puppies. Every time I greet my husband with ‘I love you!’ he asks, ‘How many puppies do we have now?’” Susan, who decided to keep Indie from one of those litters. She bottle fed her and due to a spinal disability as a young pup, spent a long time working with her. Susan now has three dogs from Assisi.

“I would highly recommend anyone getting a rescue dog and Assisi are great as they match the dogs to the owners. That’s how we got Blossom.” Blossom needed to live with experienced dog owners and a home without children. At first Blossom sat cowering in the corner at the Animal Sanctuary and has grown into a loving dog. “She wags her tail at everyone she meets and gets very happy when she sees the automatic doors at Tescos.”

“When we got her home after she had been rescued from euthanasia, we had to sit with her in the garden and let her get used to her new environment. There were cherry blossom flowers that were falling through the wind at the time and that’s how we chose her name. It was simply beautiful, just like her.” Susan reminisces. “She fitted in perfectly and has taken it upon herself to protect us from all the birds that come near. Blossom takes this job very seriously,” she laughs.


Susan now volunteers on the home visiting team with Assisi, matching dogs with their forever homes. She admits that rehoming senior dogs is the hardest part, “It’s so sad when a dog is no longer wanted through no fault of their own. Their owner either dies or the Care Home their owner moves into doesn’t allow for dogs.” Thomas, the dog Susan inherited from her mum when she passed away, is now a big part of the Farr family. “Blossom is absolutely in love with him. She will run circles around him and lick his face.”

Susan treated Blossom to her own photoshoot at Peter Thomas Photography and you might agree with us that she has found a beauty that was once unwanted

To book your dog for their photography session we are asking for a donation of £25 – all of which goes to Assisi Animal Sanctuary. Your voucher will entitle you to a full hour in the Studio and an 8×6 print.

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