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Adrian & Andrina’s wedding shared the same date as Will & Kate – but no weird facinators or outfits here! Andrina put on a very stylish wedding down in Donegal (check out the shoes!). Here’s a few photos: A brill …

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Adrian & Andrina’s wedding shared the same date as Will & Kate – but no weird facinators or outfits here!
Andrina put on a very stylish wedding down in Donegal (check out the shoes!). Here’s a few photos:

A brill day – and checkout the Ferrero Roche tree! Was quite tempted to do a runner with it :-)

28 Responses to Adrian & Andrina

  1. Sabrina Jameson says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos – really capturesd those little moments and the lcoations are fab.

  2. pics r absolutely gorgeous andrina you look stunnin as i new ya would 😀 well done peter

  3. Sue Mc grath says:

    ahk arent yas lovely :)

  4. Jenny says:

    Love the pics.the two u look lovely.cnt wait to c the rest.xx

  5. venessa vance says:

    these pics are amazing! cant wait 2 see the rest…………

  6. Adelle says:

    Wow such amazing fotos!!! Treasured memories!! I’m glad I dont have the job of deciding the final album!!! I’d want them all!!! Andrina u made a stunning bride!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!! Ur photographer did an amazing job!!!!!

  7. Beautiful photos you looked lovely Andrina x

  8. laura says:

    Fab photos they look stunning, it would be so hard to choose!!

  9. Ciara Gillen says:

    Beautiful foto’s Mrs Mc Donagh!! xx

  10. Lynsey Funston says:

    Stunning pics, really fit in with the style of the dress,hair and make up. Beautiful bride and groom – capturing the wee moments well x

  11. Lisa says:

    These pictures are fantastic. The bride luks amazing. As for her shoes… WOW!! Well done Peter!

  12. Rachel Gilmore says:

    Andrina can’t believe you were so nervous about having your picture taken, you looked stunning & the photographs have captured that! All the pictures show how beautiful the whole day was & they’ve captured all the elegant details of the day too like your jewellery, flowers, etc! Can’t wait to see more! Especially love the pics of you in the forest! Great job Peter! Rachxx

  13. Christopher says:

    Great pictures. Def was a good day. C the umbrella got an appearance. lol

  14. Ann Smith says:

    Such beautiful pictures!! cant wait to see the rest. andrina you luked stunning!

  15. Jonny Mcclelland says:

    Looken good yas scrub up well

  16. gemma says:

    stunning photos peter you really captured the beautiful day that it was!! cant wait 2 c all the photos andrina :)

  17. gemma says:

    stunning photo peter the bride is beautiful :)

  18. Roisin says:

    Gorgeous photos!!!looks like a beautiful wedding.really captured the love of the occasion!!

  19. michelle Mc Grath says:

    its wild what a good camera an bit a air brushing can do……

  20. Jayne says:

    Stunning pics!!! How will u choose!!!

  21. Rachel Bell says:

    Fabulous photos!!!! Such a romantic capture of a beautiful couple and a really big reminder of a fabulous day!!! Andi u were stunning!!! Adrian… U werent so bad either lol : D

  22. Hazel Irvine says:

    Beautiful photos. I luv all the different photos and locations.You both look so natural. Can’t wait to see what other surprises Peter has in store.

    Hazel Irvine

  23. Michelle McCutcheon says:

    Peter, photographs of Adrain and Andrinas special day are truely stunning! You have photographed the couple beautifully and youve captured all the special touches and details of the day. I couldnt wait to see these and you have have not disappointed. Im sure the bride and groom are chuffed to bits with these-i certainly would be!

  24. Amanda Smith says:

    Aww beautiful photos. LOVE the ones in the forest and at muckross. Such a gud day weather wise and a class day overall.cant wait to see the rest!

  25. Rachel Bell says:

    These are absolutely fabulous!!! Really captured the romance of the day and how special a couple these 2 are!!! These are just a few snippets and have reminded me of just how good a day it was!!! Andrina ur stunning hunni and Adrian ur not looking too bad either lol : D

  26. absolutely :-) George Clooney…

  27. martina mc donagh says:

    beautiful photos well done peter but of course the groom is a handsome chappy

  28. Awh Peter i was nervous about the photos as you know i have never been keen on getting photos taken but you have me on the edge of my seat, the photos are beautiful, cant wait to see the whole ablum, thanks again for everything!

    Andrina & Adrian

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