Ailish & Tim’s wedding at Rathmullan House Donegal


I was looking forward to getting to a new Donegal wedding venue – and Rathmullan House didn’t disappoint. This was a great day – a fantastic venue, a relaxed vibe and lovely couple.


I had some fun with the shoes and dress!


bridal-preparations-donegal 1 bridal-preparations-donegal 2



Lets take a look at the service…



Wedding-service-rathmullan-donegal 1Wedding-service-rathmullan-donegal 3


Rather love this confetti photo!!


Wedding-service-rathmullan-donegal 2


The beach at Rathmullan is fab.


Rathmullan-house-wedding 1 Rathmullan-house-wedding 2 Rathmullan-house-wedding 3



I have a bit of a thing about shooting through things at the moment – I just love the foreground interest! So its safe to say I like the photo below…



Rathmullan-house-wedding 4 Rathmullan-house-wedding 5 Rathmullan-house-wedding 6 Rathmullan-house-wedding 7


I must thank the hotel for this prop!
Rathmullan-house-wedding 8 Rathmullan-house-wedding 9

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