Andrew & Elise – Lissanoure Castle


It was great to be back up the North Coast again for Andrew & Elise’s wedding. This was a really well organised day – lots of brilliant little details – everyone enjoyed the day…

I realised that I managed to write an entire blog yesterday without a single shoe photograph – but after one day I’m having some withdrawal symptoms – so lets start with a shoe photo!

Above: Don’t you just love the summer weather 🙂

Above: this is a page out of the album layout I have done for Andrew & Elise….now lets move on to a photo I really love:

And lets finish with a few details…c’est bon!



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21 Responses to Andrew & Elise – Lissanoure Castle

  1. Deirdre says:

    Beautiful photos! A stunning bride and handsome groom! Best wishes for your future together x

  2. Marlyn says:

    What wonderful photographs! Thank you Peter, they truly capture the day, the formality, the informality but most of all THE FUN!!!!! Elise is beautiful in more ways than one and she has landed quite a catch!!!

  3. Elisey and Andrew – stunning photos, which capture perfectly, the essence of a stunning day! Elisey, you were just breathtaking.. and you too Quiggers! Hahaha can’t wait to see the album in completion xxx

  4. Elb says:

    Tres belle! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  5. Karen Gilpin says:

    Beautiful photos. You all looked fantastic!

  6. You both look really good. superb photos.

  7. Sarah Ferguson says:

    Wonderful photos! You guys look fantastic!

  8. Leanne says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos. What a beautiful day! Love the floating veil x

  9. Rosie says:

    Elise – you’re stunning, I would marry you!!xx

  10. Alison McConaghie says:

    Absolutely stunning photographs. Love them!

  11. Mark Mckim says:

    Elise looks lovely, suppose Andy doesn’t look too bad either! Great photos!

  12. Virginia Toombs says:

    they are absolutely fantastic photos, really beautiful!!!

  13. James says:

    Amazing pics, from an amazing day 🙂

  14. Al de Crat says:

    Great pics Peter and great subject matter too. I love the art. Wish I could do that…

  15. Lydia Boyle says:

    Fab photos! Can’t wait to see the rest of them, no doubt they will be brilliant 🙂 pics captured the day perfectly x

  16. Ruth Perry says:

    Beautiful memories!! Stix did a good job with the ‘veil throwing’.

  17. Conor says:

    Incredible photos guys! It really was such a perfect day.

  18. Stix says:

    Amazing photos! Especially that one with the veil 😉

  19. corin campbell says:

    I love the pictures, brilliant photography. You honestly are one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen. Your such a lovely couple. All the best for the future xxxx

  20. Lisa McCafferty says:

    Absolutely Stunning x

  21. Vivo says:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning!!! It made me wish i was there even more!

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