Chris & Gemma – Royal Court Portrush


The ushers! Funny I didn’t put the picture below into the album mock-up – but actually it’s a nice wee reportage shot.    Love the next one.

So we arrived at Dunluce Castle, into the eye of a hurricane. Ok slight exaggeration, but it was very very very windy!

  These two had the right idea! 

Now over to the Royal Court…


Not quite sure whats going on here 🙂
 So here’s a brief insight into my world. I take three photos of the same thing, but which to put into the album and blog. AGGGHH no idea which is best!

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16 Responses to Chris & Gemma – Royal Court Portrush

  1. Louise Glenn says:

    Fantastic pictures!!Definitely captured the day well…Good subjects to take I suppose!! 😉

  2. John Condy says:

    These photo’s are lovely
    Glad to see you look happy on your wedding day… I’m sure it will stay like that.

  3. Margaret Pearson says:

    Beautiful photographs, lovely wedding and lovely people.
    What a great day. From your babysitter!

  4. Michele McClean says:

    Lovely photo’s and a lovely wedding day. Every belssing to Gemma and Chris. Hope they are as happy as her parents have been.

  5. Margaret Pearson says:

    we had a wonderful day and beautiful photos ‘.Best wishes to Gemma and Chris

  6. Lydia Johnston says:

    Absolutely gorgeous day! Fantastic pics

  7. Hoggs fantastic photos. u’s both lookn amazing, and i aint telling any porkys!

  8. Kathryn mcclean says:

    That wasn’t meant to say sublime… Predictive text changed Dunluce!!

  9. Kathryn mcclean says:

    Great photos Peter! Funny how sublime doesn’t look too windy in th photos and Gemma’s skin doesn’t come across as blue n goose bumped!!! Well done!!!!

  10. Joanna Gillespie says:

    These are beautiful photos, what a lovely way to remember a special day!

  11. Kim Anderson says:

    Lovely photos, the wedding was gorgeous. Loved the bunting! 🙂

  12. Alison Robinson says:

    Beautiful photos of a lovely wedding!

  13. Charis McClean says:

    Love these photos! They are so lovely! A wonderful day x

  14. Marcus McClean says:

    These photos are amazing!! 🙂

  15. Gemma Hogg says:

    Love the pictures!! Thanks Peter x

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