Chris & Sara – Merchant Hotel, Belfast


Chris & Sara’s wedding was a really interesting mix of locations. From classic to urban they had it all!
Really enjoyed the day and got to have some fun in the Cathedral quarter…

Above: I just really love that photo in the mirror!

Above: you couldn’t take a bad picture of Sara…looks stunning. Now off to the City Hall:

I blogged recently about the Merchant – really like the venue. The photo below was taken in one of the hotel’s more unusual locations – but I love them both:

As soon as we stepped outside the old rain started – but I’m so so glad Sara grabbed an umbrella and we got a few minutes outside. Half the fun of blogging is being able to
play around a bit with photos – so some of the below are just a wee bit experimental – but hope you like them!

Below – the Merchant’s room is ‘pretty in pink’ – Sara’s fave colour.

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25 Responses to Chris & Sara – Merchant Hotel, Belfast

  1. Ryan McDonald says:

    Wedding photos aren’t really my thing but its good to see something different and more modern for a change. All I can say is you’re a lucky man Chris.

  2. Mandy says:

    You both look so happy. From the photographs it looks like it was an amazing day. Good luck to you both for the future.

  3. Declan says:

    Chris and Sara – had such a good night at your wedding, thanks again.
    Peter – superb pics!

  4. Tracey says:

    Gorgeous photos! Really love the black and white ones – amazing!

  5. Shirley McKnight says:

    Was not able to be there on the day but the photos let me see what I missed. Stunning. Adore the green wall pose!

  6. Celia Shaw says:

    The photos are absolutely fabulous. Brings back so many lovely memories of the day. You both look so happy together. Really looking forward to seeing the rest.

  7. Robert Shaw says:

    As a bit of an amateur(ish)photographer I am envious of the vivid colours and the sharpness of the images – particularly liked the green wall/fence. The happy couple don’t look too bad either!

  8. David Finn says:

    Great pics. It’s really refreshing to see something a bit different and more modern than the norm.

  9. Thomas McMahon says:

    Sorry I couldn’t be there on the day guys. You both look great.

  10. Lynzi Walker says:

    Great photographs, those are some smiles from Sara! I love the one when Chris said something quite shocking!!

  11. Sara McKnight says:

    Peter, the pictures look great. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  12. Neil h says:

    Chris + saz- legends. Love you both

  13. Natalie Gregory says:

    The pictures are brill … love the mix as is in the opening comment of classic and urban. Also the mixture of some in colour and black and white. Good gamble doing something different. Some are def magazine worthy!

  14. Alex Leithead says:

    Love the photos Peter, you really captured the energy of the day and the fun we all had.

  15. Amy McKnight says:

    Fabulous photos! Really great wedding and a gorgeous bride and groom.

  16. Fiona Kerr says:

    Beautiful photos very unique !

  17. Eugene Murray says:

    fantastic photos, very different and not at all typical. Particularly like the shot in the street and the shot looking out of the window.

  18. Margaret Martin says:

    These are amazing love the black & white especially the framed in the window one of Sara. Beautiful bride and Chris scrubbed up well too, they both look so happy. Great to see something different with the Cathedral Quarter photo’s.

  19. Mandy Copeland says:

    Stunning photos of a stunning couple. Just love the black and white shots and the ones in the street – would expect to see these types of photos on postcards/magazines.

  20. James Scott says:

    Like the one of sarah in her dress in front of the window in the merchant and the first one of her in the mirror. The one in black and white with the two of you laughing is really good as well.

    Like the ones in the cathedral quarter too – nice to see some wedding photos that are a bit different.

  21. Emma McKnight says:

    Stunning photos. Sara looks amazing and Ivan and Chris don’t look too bad either!

  22. Heather says:

    The photos look great – really different which is what Sara wanted. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them.

  23. Nicola Adamson says:

    amazing photos…awesome day…you even got sara to do a few cheesy grins!!!

  24. Claire Devlin says:

    Hi Peter,
    The pics are amazing, I especially like the ones done in the street, so different from normal wedding pics. The pics look really natural and Chris and Sara seemed pretty relaxed, which is down to the photographer. Its a pity you werent in jersey 4 years ago when I got married.

  25. Chris Shaw says:

    So happy with the photos. When Sara was fast losing patience and the rain came on I told her it would be worth it – glad you proved me right. Absolutely love the Cathedral Quarter photos.

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