Hayden & Dervla – Castle Grove Hotel Donegal


 Dervla looked amazing – and loved the invite 🙂 Hayden looking a wee bit nervous 🙂  So after the church it was raining. I am SO glad that Dervla and Hayden wanted to go for a few on the beach anyway. Actually the rain soon stopped.  Then over to Castle Grove Hotel. It’s a really nice, quaint place…
Lovely details at this wedding…  …just keeping an eye on proceedings from the top floor 🙂

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5 Responses to Hayden & Dervla – Castle Grove Hotel Donegal

  1. Gráinne Doran says:

    The photos are great Peter – thank you for being a patient photographer especially when the chief bridesmaid kept doing a runner and forgetting your name Gary!!

  2. Stella says:

    Dervla what beautiful bride . Your Hubby is a very lucky man.
    Nice photos , well done.

  3. Joan mc parland says:

    Love the photos, especially those on Downings beach. You have really captured the beauty of Donegal, and of course the beautiful couple! As mother of the bride, could I congratulate you on your work. You were unobtrusive during the ceremony but still captured all the little details.It’s great to have so many reminders of a really lovely day.

  4. ciara o hanlon says:

    Photos look lovely! Hayden looks like he was about to do a runner!

  5. Dervla Morris says:

    The photos are lovely Peter! I especially like the fact you captured a nervous groom! Thank u so much.

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