Ioseph & Emma – Tullyglass Hotel


As I drove to Emma & Ioseph’s wedding the wipers could hardly clear the water away! So in my head I was going through all the indoor
photograph opportunities at The Tullyglass. I arrived to a happy smiling bride – it’s funny how people that smile seem to radiate positive energy (that sounded very new age – but you know what I mean 🙂 ). Anyway, Emma wanted her photographs outside at Antrim Castle Grounds – and no ammount of building work or rain was going to change that plan. I love people like this – and some of the umbrella photos are quite fun!

So –  a few photos:

Above: I’m aware I don’t often show family pictures on the blog – so today I’ve held back on the shoe photos and posted a few of the brides parents!

Above: just for fun – I have the more normal bridal party group without the umbrellas – but for the blog quite like this wee one!


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21 Responses to Ioseph & Emma – Tullyglass Hotel

  1. Mum & Dad says:

    Wonderful photos, wonderful wedding, wonderful day xxx

  2. Nuala says:

    Perfect photos, couple and wedding day!! x

  3. Monica says:

    Gorgeous photos Emma u and Ioseph make a gorgeous couple xx

  4. Lisa Rocks says:

    Emma the photos are absolutely stunning, Im sure you’s are delighted!

  5. Sinead Ainsworth says:

    What a beautiful couple, you both look overjoyed, stunning photos congrats once again xx

  6. Catherine Boome says:

    Handsome Fella, Radiant Bride – a few raindrops could never hide that!JUST BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Alison Weatherup says:

    Beautiful bride, beautiful pictures!

  8. LisaMarie says:

    Picture perfect guys 🙂

  9. Pat OCAll says:

    These photos are superb! A handsome groom and a stunning bride!!!!

  10. Jennifer Johnston says:

    Beautiful photos which seem to capture the mood of the whole day

  11. Charlotte says:

    Beautiful pictures Emma : )

  12. Lisa Nicol says:

    Aw Emma, absolutely beautiful. Stunning pictures. Can’t wait to see the rest! 🙂

  13. Bernadette says:

    Absolutely stunning.

  14. Jennie says:

    What beautiful photographs! With my daughter planning for an April wedding next year, it is so reassuring to see that even if April showers fall it need not spoil our day! A clever photographer can use it to advantage to make the day even more special! Helped by all those smiles of course! Now I’m going to view all those other wonderful wedding photograghs he has done — I’m in wedding mood!!

  15. John Currie says:

    Great photos, guys!

  16. Mark Burstow says:

    A super set of shots, really capturing the mood of what looks like a lovely event

  17. marlyn says:


  18. Marie Barnes says:

    Absolutely fabulous! Gorgeous bride & beautiful pics – you can’t tell it was lashing! Very impressive!!

  19. Paul McCallion says:

    Lookin good Sis! Suppose Yo is alright too like lol!

  20. Kate Dewdney says:

    Fabulous photos Emma and Yo!

  21. Emma says:

    gorgeous pics!!

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