James & Jill – Mount Stewart


It’s funny how I’d never done a wedding at Mount Stewart – and then I was there twice in two weeks! There are very few venues which you could visit and take two completely different sets of wedding photographs. Really is a lovely place and I know it means a lot to James & Jill. Talking about James & Jill – what a great couple. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride smile as much!

So here’s a few photos:


And now for Jill’s two favourite people (apart from James of course 🙂 )  

After the service there was tea – those scones are making me kinda hungry 🙂

So over to Mount Stewart…

After Mount Stewart we travelled up to Galgorm Resort & Spa. The photo below left is at Galgorm, The photo below right is at Mount Stewart (and I love it!)

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25 Responses to James & Jill – Mount Stewart

  1. Amelia Skillen says:

    Fab photos reflecting a super day!! Hope you have fun putting your album together can’t wait to see the final storybook!! (“,)

  2. Alan Angus says:

    Don’t look bad Sis pity about James!!!! Joking aside brilliant photos to reflect an amazing day!! Well done Peter.

  3. Cliff Warnock says:

    Great photos of a fab day

  4. linda l says:


  5. Leonard & Joan says:

    Beautiful photos of a great day. Can’t wait to see the album.

  6. George & Rosemary Angus says:

    Well done Peter! You have captured the day to perfection! Can’t wait to
    see the rest and look forward to having our bride’s parents storybook!

  7. beth says:

    gorgeous selection of pictures! have fun picking the special ones for the album 🙂 x

  8. Kerrie Pho says:

    What a beautiful couple you are- shown through stunning photos. I absolutely love the one in the hall at Mount Stewart. Can’t wait to see more!

  9. louise davidson says:

    Amazing pics:-)…True Love captured through the lens;-)

  10. louise davidson says:

    Amazing pics:)…. True love captured through the lens:-)

  11. Sara-Jane Warnock says:

    What an amazing day…wish we could do it all again!!!!

  12. Ali McGall says:

    Absolutely beautiful photographs by a very talented photographer. So natural and definitely shows how happy Jill and James were on their big day. I can’t agree more about how happy Jill was regarding the whole wedding. I made her wedding jewellery and it was an absolute pleasure working with her from start to finish. Congratulation Jill and James. luv and hugs Ali xox

  13. Wow this captured the day that i MISSED due to having my wee man Bobby. It really captures those special moments and let me sense the excitement and love between Jill and James. Treasure these pics. Fantastic

  14. Sara-Jane Warnock says:

    Photographs are amazing…wish we could do it all over again!!

  15. Sandra & Sharon at the Radisson Blu says:

    Fabulous photos of a great day – looking forward to seeing the rest
    Lots of love and best wishes

  16. Anna Mathers says:

    What a happy couple you are! Great pics! I’m sure it’ll be a task narrowing them down to your favourites!

  17. Amy Marcham says:

    Beautiful!! I can see from this selection of photos you had a fantastic day x

  18. Michael Warnock says:

    Fantastic photographs, great memories of a fantastic day

  19. Simon Tuff says:

    It was a brilliant day. These are great photos Peter!

  20. Andrea Warnock says:

    Fantastic photos! 🙂 totally captures the atmosphere! A brilliant day and those pics bring it all back! 🙂

  21. Susan Tuff says:

    Amazing photos!!! What a really great day!! 😀

  22. Claire Louise Warnock says:

    They are fantastic photos, memories will be cherished forever! 😀 Jill you look amazing :)can’t wait to see you both and the photo album it will be amazing 😀 Lots of Love Claire & David

  23. Philip Warnock says:

    Photos truly do justice to a special day, looking forward to seeing them all. Great work Peter

  24. Emma McCrossan says:

    Excellent photos! Can’t wait to see the whole album!

  25. Jill Tuff says:

    Loving the photo’s Peter, what an amazing day.Great photos to go with the memories. Can’t wait to see the rest.

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