Joe & Helen – Newcastle & Galgorm


  A handy prompt just incase Joe forgot his lines 🙂

Love this wee photo of the newly weds leaving the church!
Newcastle has really been transformed by the new promenade – and its a great place for photos. So before the drive up to the Galgorm we stopped of on the prom…soooo glad we did!

So what happens if you take a photo of the couple reflecting off the big silver ball? The answer – its kinda like those weird mirrors you used to get in fair grounds. So this one is just for fun – who is that photographer with the pink tie? Whoever it is, he needs a hair cut! LOL 🙂

LOVE the next one:

 Over to the Four Seasons suite at the Galgorm…
Like the walking one below….
 Joe needs to watch himself when Helen is around 🙂  The classic Galgorm shot..

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10 Responses to Joe & Helen – Newcastle & Galgorm

  1. Bridie Noble says:

    Brilliant photos! Peter done a professional job on them all, coupled with all his patience.

  2. catherine says:

    Gorgeous photographs!

  3. Paul Kavanagh says:

    Absolutely fantastic photos. Makes me even more sorry we couldn’t make it.

    Helen looks beautiful and anybody who can make Joe look half respectable has certainly earned their fee 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    Fantastic pics. Was a lovely day! Congrats again. Xxx

  5. Sandra Coulter says:

    Absolutely brilliant photos. Brings back great memories of an absolutely brilliant and relaxing day. Looking forward to seeing the album.

  6. Victoria says:

    Beautiful photos x

  7. Samantha says:

    Fantastic photographs by a great photographer. Peter was fun, professional and discreet at the emotional moments. On the ball from the minute he arrived at Helens, right through to fixing the dress of this hungry bridesmaid. Would gladly recommend him to any of my friends and clients. Gorgeous photos of a wonderful day.

  8. Carol Moore says:

    Fantastic photos Peter! Cannot believe how well we all look! 🙂

  9. Helen Moore says:

    So lovely to see some of the amazing photos Peter took of our wedding day! He made it so memorable and we are so glad we chose him as our wedding photographer!

  10. Joe Noble says:

    What a great day! Peter managed to capture some fantastic photos for us and was a real pleasure to work with. We highly recommend him.

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