John & Jennifer’s Wedding – Ramada Belfast


Above – getting them into the old Massey Ferguson’s at an early age!

Above: Check out the young boy top right with his tongue out! Love it!

Above: I think the tractor seat is a touch of genius.

Above 2 photos: the locals show up in their John Deere’s! Love it! 🙂

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20 Responses to John & Jennifer’s Wedding – Ramada Belfast

  1. Zoe Beckett says:

    Loved the massey touch!! You know how to arrive in style John!! Lovely couple, lovely photographs and a lovely day!!

  2. Jenni Hook says:

    thanks all for the comments! cant wiat too see the rest of the photo’s on Wednesday!!

  3. Emma Walker says:

    pictures are amazing

  4. Catherine Emerson says:

    Awesome pictures Jenny, you look beautiful and not a grain of salt in sight!!

  5. yeah – the lack of at least one ford is def a concern 🙂

  6. Rosemary Gilchrist says:

    Love the Photos (espcially the Black & White’s)
    Thought I might see a Woodside Trailer In the Background !!!!

    If the Locals on the J.Deer’s were scrubbed up there Might be “potential
    Husbands” among them.

    I wish You & John all the Best for the Future. You make a lovely Couple.

  7. julie coburn says:

    beautiful photos!!both lookin great, scrub up well haha!!xx

  8. Donna and Colin says:

    fantastic fotos!! you both look brilliant!! love the group one inside the church!

  9. Lynsey Magill says:

    Lovely couple,lovely photos good luck choosing an album they are all great xx sum you both up xx all the best for the future xx

  10. Rebecca Orr says:

    They are brilliant, really are, sum may not think it but jenni and john prove it, we young farmers have style!! yer lookin well!! the photographer even made the boys just in from slurry speadin look good!!lol

  11. Mary Hook says:

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Luvd the personal touch’s (tractors, wellie boots with flowers, bails of hay etc) Very you & John. You two were made for each other. Your happiness shines through you both & is plain to see xx

  12. Katy Walsh says:

    Photo’s look really good, really like the one of Alex, Sheep & Co at the tractors & of Jenni & John kissing beside the massey!! Really lovely & really natural x

  13. Ally Whan says:

    Love the photos, all very natural

  14. Zandra fitzsimmons says:

    Photos are lovely everyone looks great. I love the unposed shots and the ones in black and white

  15. mervyn woods says:

    what no fords??

  16. stephen woods says:

    great photos nice one of the boys

  17. linda woods says:

    flowers are beautiful

  18. Joanne Knox says:

    I LOVE all of the pics!
    They sum up Jenni and John perfectly and are very unique – how often do you see a fleet of farm machinery turn up at a wedding?!
    A gorgeous wedding with a fantastic country twist 🙂

  19. Ashley Donnelly says:

    Gorgeous photos; I love the one of you both with the red Massey!

  20. Jenni Hook says:

    love them!! we had a fantastic day!!

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