Jonathan & Kelly – Lisburn Civic Centre and The Lamon


I hadn’t taken a lot of photos in the grounds of Lisburn Civic Centre before, so it was nice to have that opportunity – variety is the spice of life as they say. My lasting memory of this wedding is the colour pink!! Kelly really loves pink. Funny how the wall in the house was pink – the bridesmaids are pink and even the photo of the first dance has pink lighting 🙂

Here’s a few photos, starting with a wee picture of the car driving up the yard – taken through an upstairs window…

Below – no Mother of the Bride should be without a survival kit!

Quite like this picture from the service:


Below: looking good!

Now for a few at the Lamon:




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35 Responses to Jonathan & Kelly – Lisburn Civic Centre and The Lamon

  1. Uncle Johnny says:

    Hey wee neice, photo’s are absolutely beautiful and you look really stunning, “Johnny’s a lucky man”. Thank you both for a wonderful day and a bloody sore head the next morning. LOL

  2. Carolyn Christiansen says:

    Absolutely lovely! Wish I could have been there, but these beautiful pictures bring me closer!

  3. Christina Thompson says:

    Totally amazin pics, u all look stunning.xxxx

  4. Esther Morrow says:

    Great photos of an amazing day!

  5. Kelly McCambley says:

    Haha, dunno if I should b commenting on my own photos but hey!! Peter, I love the photos n cnt stop smiling at them everytime I look at them! So excited 2 c the rest next week!! Thnk u so much!! 🙂 xxx

  6. Lynne Booth says:

    wow Kelly you look absolutely amazing!!! Your photos are stunning you must be very pleased 🙂 xxx

  7. Miriam says:

    Photos turned out lovely! The whole day went by so quickly, great to have these amazing reminders of a beautiful day!! gorgeous!! 🙂

  8. Gillian Porter says:

    the photos are lovely, kelly u looked beautiful,thank you for a lovley day.

  9. Maggie Blair says:

    These photographs are lovely. The colours and the lighting are great and of course pink is also my favourite colour. We shall all remember this day with great fondness so thank you Kelly and Jonny for letting us share it with you.

  10. Wesley Ruddock says:

    Been in UK all week. Just seen your fantastic photographs of my beautiful daughter and newly accquired son-in-law. I give you praise for capturing the most fantastic day of their lives which everyone enjoyed. Hope Kelly gets her dream, to become a wonderful photographer like yourself. Thank you for her dream photographs, looking forward to seeing rest of them. A Big Job, done superbly.

  11. claire boyle says:

    Photos are completely beautiful! love the bridal party dance photo! lol… kelly u looked stunning!! big congrats!! xx

  12. Ruth Horan says:

    Photos are fab! Can’t wait to see the album!!!

  13. Pam Brady says:

    These pictures are fab – really really good job 😉
    Kelly bet you are chuffed x

  14. Stunning photographs Kelly! You take such a naturally beautiful picture and Jonathan’s looking rather handsome too!

  15. Angela Clements says:

    The photos are absolutley gorgeous . . pink, pink, pink 🙂 xx

  16. Laura Ruddock says:

    Peter, these photos are absolutley gorgeous! Love love love the dance photo 🙂 You really did a wonderful job and gave us all good giggle at the same time! So excited now to see the rest of them!!

  17. Maurice McCambley says:

    You all looked magnificent, what a wonderful day and such beautiful pictures!

  18. Kerry Hogg says:

    The photos are amazing. the one on the dance floor is class and kelly you look stunning. it was great to see yous all again hope it not long until the next time. Thank you so much for the invite

  19. lynn says:

    really lovely photos, Kelly you should be a model!!!

  20. Sarah McLernon says:

    Love the photos, particularly the outside ones. You look awesome cuz!

  21. Naomi Norton says:

    These photos are absolutely beautiful, I especially like the ‘pink’ dance floor photo effect! Fantastic job!

  22. Naomi Norton says:

    These photos are beautiful, I especially like the ‘pink’ dancing photo effect! Fantastic job!

  23. Linda says:

    Just magic – the black and white are stunning too. These reflect how happy you both are and what a lovely couple U2 make.

  24. Helen says:

    Wow! fantastic! Beautiful beautiful pictures.

  25. Leanne Montgomery says:

    Photos are fabulous kelly, you look stunning as always, had a great night that night, glad to meet another part of richards family lol. Thank you.

  26. Ashlea Montgomery says:

    Gorgeous photos, looks like you had a fantastic day.. you’s too look lovely together. Im sure everyone had a lovely day, cause i no i did, but hope you’s will live happily ever after. Thank you.

  27. laura brown says:

    love these! looking wonderful! xx

  28. sandra gordon says:

    They are a beautiful reminder of a fantastic day and cant wait to see the finished set of photos, they will bring back the memories of a beautiful day we all had

  29. Robert Sayers says:

    Lovely photos, gotta love the first one, looks like a scene out of a silent movie, and the one of the shoe reminds me of cinderella and the glass slipper

  30. Suzi Haslem says:

    The photos look fab! I think this photographer could give Kelly a run for her money! Excellent pictures and will def recommend you to anyone I know looking wedding pictures done.

  31. lisa elliott says:

    gorgeous photos! Kelly truly looks stunning and i love the picture of her peaking round the tree, so cute.

  32. David will (best man) says:

    Good day!!! Photos look fab with me in them of coarse they would lol… Jonny and Kelly you’s look great!!!

  33. jim gordon says:

    Jonathan’s mum and stepdad just had a look at the the photos they are fab and well done it was a fantastic day and its nice to remember it with such a nice reminder of the day

  34. Lorraine Crowe says:

    Loving the photographs they are all beautiful, they are all brillant think the one of the car coming up the drive is amazing and of course Kelly you are as beautiful as I remembered you to be! Brings back lovely memories of a wonderful day.

  35. Irene Ruddock says:

    Well Done Peter, some lovely fotos, cant wait to see the rest. Seems like a life time ago, we all had fantastic day.
    Thanks and good luck.

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