Kieran & Michelle – Drumalis, Larne and Templeton Hotel


It was off to Larne for Kieran & Michelle’s big day. The sky was blue and the sun warm on our backs – not like March at all!

Very much enjoyed the day – here’s a few photos, starting in the bride’s house:

Was impressed at how green their grass was!

Ok, over to the church:

Love getting wee guest shots like this:

I’d never been to Drumalis Convent Gardens before – its a lovely place:

Love the next few!

And now for the Templeton Hotel in Templepatrick:

And finally – the speeches 🙂

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24 Responses to Kieran & Michelle – Drumalis, Larne and Templeton Hotel

  1. Gary rodgers says:

    Beautiful pics. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Yous looked as though you loved every minute.

  2. Peter miller says:

    The whole day has been captured perfectly.

  3. Francis Donnelly says:

    Brilliant and beautiful photos guys. 😉

  4. Micky smith says:

    Lovely photographs Kieran and michelle. A nice reminder of a great day.

  5. Conchi peñasco says:

    Fantastic & great photos. Amazing moments that we had the oportunity to enjoyed with all of you.Thank you so much.Se que en la ùltima te estás refiriendo a nosotros Michelle, he de decirte que me emocioné con tus palabras. Muchas gracias por tu amistad.

  6. Mena McNeill says:

    Michelle photos just showed up how stunning you looked on the day. Kieran you looked not bad either. Lovely reminder of a great day.

  7. Alfonsus mcilwaine says:

    Super job.

  8. John Longmore says:

    Cracking pictures

  9. Joe mccallion says:

    Excellent photos. Thanks for sharing

  10. Paul mcmullan says:

    Beautiful timeline of the whole day

  11. Shaun mc Quade says:

    Pics turned out great!

  12. Michelle McAllister says:

    We are so pleased with how our wedding photos turned out. Wonderful memories of an amazing day.

  13. Ryan says:

    Great photos. Excellent shading work on those taken at Drumalis

  14. Michelle McAllister says:

    Thank you so much Peter. The photos are amazing. Glad you enjoyed them john and Patricia. Lol.

  15. Anne Russell says:

    Beautiful photos of a great day!Every part of the day has been captured.

  16. Patricia and John says:

    Had a great journey through the album, recalling all the excitement of Kieran and Michelle’s big day.
    To think it was only 3 weeks ago.
    We loved the photographs together with our new family member – 7 of us now 🙂

  17. Kirsten Russell says:

    Photos are amazing. Beautiful 2 look back at.x

  18. Geoffrey Sangster says:

    The photographs are fantastic. Excellent work.

  19. michael o toole says:

    unreal photos almost looked happy.oj:).pics where amazing

  20. Kieran says:

    The one with Joel and Noreen is beautiful.

  21. Karen Martin says:

    Great photos, love the black and white ones, really captures the essence of the day!

  22. Patricia mcallister says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos.

  23. Kieran mcallister says:

    Thank you so much for posting the photos. There fantastic. And thank you so much for being so helpful, easy going ant patient on the day. I’m not the most photographic person in the world but they came out great

  24. patricia mc allister says:

    The photos look amazing, cant wait to see the album.

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