Louise & David – Tullyglass Hotel Ballymena


After getting back from WPPI photography convention, I had all sorts of ideas to evolve my photography and style a little. Louise & David where the first wedding of the summer season and was a great couple to get started with!


Let’s start at the bride’s house. Incase the heart below is too small, it reads ‘happy ever after’…


Below: as the bride gets buttoned up she receives a wee note from her husband to be….   

Talking about husbands to be…

Below: the bridesmaids await the bride’s arrival…   

A wee bite to eat in the church hall…

Ready with the confetti…

Now over to the Tullyglass..

David had been telling me that one of his favourite films is American Gangster…so couldn’t resist setting this up…

The room looked great..


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25 Responses to Louise & David – Tullyglass Hotel Ballymena

  1. Stephen Bradley says:

    Really loved the wedding. A great day had by all. Photos look amazing. Can’t wait to see the full album.

  2. Lisa Bradley says:

    Absolutely georgous photos. Very reflective of a fantactic day out. Beautiful wedding. Wishing Mr & Mrs Simpson the very best for their new life ahead of them.

  3. KK says:

    I really liked the shot of the ‘hand’ lifting the nibbles from the cake stand. You could play guess who? I used to do a bit of hand modelling you see and that’s a great piece of art right there!

  4. Charis Elliott says:

    Photos are gorgeous! Such a lovely day 🙂

  5. Gemma hann says:

    Love ur photos

  6. Eve Armstrong says:

    What gorgeous photos and a beautiful wedding 🙂 congratulations Mr and Mrs Simpson

  7. Aisling Byers says:

    Wonderful photos of a perfect wedding day!

  8. David simpson says:

    Superb photos

  9. karen fisher says:

    Beautiful wedding

  10. lyndsey o`hare says:

    You both look gorgeous your photos are amazing

  11. claire mclister says:

    Louise is a beautiful bride and the bridesmaids look amazing too 🙂

  12. Richard Simpson says:

    Such a great day! Pictures are amazing

  13. Howard Elliott says:

    Simply stunning photos!!

  14. Derek Elliott says:

    Lovely photos

  15. Janice Semple says:

    Beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to see the full album. xx

  16. Steven Arbuthnot says:

    Awesome photos! Some excellent work by the camerman’s assistant too, holding the reflector!

  17. ruth wilson says:

    Yay i made it into the professional photo cut! lol. Beautiful photos guys x

  18. Alana Frey says:

    Beautiful photos!!

  19. Jennifer Campbell says:

    Absolutely stunning!!

  20. Hannah elliott says:

    Amazing photos!

  21. stephanie foster says:

    Gorgeous Lou x

  22. Jonny says:

    Photos are great

  23. Louise Simpson says:

    Love the photos Peter, can’t wait to see the rest. Going to have trouble picking some for the album!!!

  24. Rachael Elliott says:

    Amazing photos!!

  25. Edna Elliott says:


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