Mark & Judith – Royal Court Hotel Portrush


Over the Portstewart Baptist…
 Think the next one is funny 🙂

Chocolate and shortbread..hmm…
Dunluce Castle is an amazing venue. Of course it was absolutely blowing a gale but hopefully the photos are worth the bride and groom sticking with it!

  Oh I like this next one…
Doesn’t Mark look happy with himself 🙂

Now at this point the heavens opened and we headed back to the Royal Court…

And one wee funny one to finish with:

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7 Responses to Mark & Judith – Royal Court Hotel Portrush

  1. Karl Kroger says:

    Wonderful pictures! From an American perspective, many of your pictures still appear out of this world, or at least out my country–which they are, obviously. Still, there’s a magnificence to them that I rarely see around here. On a side note, I’m extremely happy for you Judith. I haven’t know you very well, but I’ve known you for quite a while and I’ve always appreciated your gentle and fun nature. You deserve the best, and you deserve to be loved…and I’m so glad that you now are.

  2. carole mcgrath says:

    Stunning photos. A real good fun day by the looks of things.

  3. Judith Evans says:

    I still laugh at that last photo…. It’s like Peter Kay, with glasses, doing the ‘Is this the way to Amarillo’ walk!!!LOL Thanks Peter for the photos…they’re amazing!! You done a good job getting rid of all my bruises!!!

  4. Kathy averill says:

    Hi love the photography’s they look lovely am married 2 years yesterday. They had a lovely day for there wedding didnt they

  5. Pamela says:

    Gosh, the colours came out really vibrantly – look at the bridesmaids colours. Fabulous! I love the one of you and your dad Judith! And the pictures at Dunluce – beautiful!

    What a lovely couple!

  6. Naomi Freeburn says:

    All so both are radiant and the photographer did a great job capturing your special day!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!

  7. verna woodworth says:

    beautiful photos considering the weather was not so good…..a good choice of photographer Mark

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