Merchant Hotel Wedding – Thomas & Cara


Cara & Thomas’ May wedding was the first I’ve done since the Merchant Hotel got the new bit added on – and I have to say its a great venue.

Of course, the venue is just one part of what makes a wedding unique. Thomas & Cara just seem to get on well together – I think you’ll see from the photos that they had a great day!

Above: the cat was quite defensive about Cara’s shoes 🙂

Above: anyone any idea why there are these gnomes on the Merchant’s roof?

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19 Responses to Merchant Hotel Wedding – Thomas & Cara

  1. Marie-Clare says:

    The photographs are really stunning, what a talented photographer! The colours are amazing and the setting is beautiful. All the pictures look so natural and not at all set up. The beautiful pictures will do the wonderful day justice.

  2. aunty nancy says:

    A wonderful day for two beautiful people everything was just perfect .Ilove the photographs the photographer has done a fantastic job but sure he had the perfect people. xoxoxo

  3. Aunty Shirley says:

    No more tears please.
    Unless maybe there’s a photograph!

  4. Daddio says:

    Fantastic photographs of really special day ,brings back lovely memories and a tear to my eyes !! Cant wait to see the album .

  5. David & Geraldine says:

    Beautiful photo’s but would not expect anything less from the beautiful couple. it was great to see all your plans come together to make a perfect day.

  6. Aunty Shirley says:

    Really beautiful photographs. Captured the day perfectly.
    Stunning bride!

  7. Thomas Dalzell says:

    Some great photos with nice colours and composition. Like the way he has captured some natural scenes of your wedding day.

  8. Christine says:

    Beautiful pics can’t wait to see the rest. Congrats to my big bro and new sis-in-law xxx

  9. Sharon says:

    Absolutely stunning photos!! It was a super day as you can see by the photos everyone enjoyed it! Cant wait to see the rest of them!

  10. Fiona Carlisle says:

    Stunning, every photo brings a smile and wonderful memories of a super day!! Can’t wait to see the rest!! 🙂

  11. Amanda says:

    Aww Gorgeous pics, was best wedding ive been too. Love my wee bro and my new sis in-law 🙂 best wish them all the best in the future. xoxo

  12. Simon says:

    Absolutely great photos, really looking forward to seeing the rest of them in the client area. Had a cracking day and the happy couple look fantastic.

  13. Jenny B says:

    Memories of a FAB day – everyone is stunning – love the black and white photos.

  14. thanks victoria – yeah the photography is always a bit of a work in progress! Try to keep evolving it a bit…

  15. Victoria says:

    Beautiful images, you have really changed your style over the years. Not saying that our photo’s aren’t lovely but I really like this new style…shame we can’t have our day again!!! 😀

  16. Erin says:

    Beautiful photographs! They definitely capture the atmosphere of a wonderful day! Can’t wait to see the rest on the client area.

  17. Aunty Stella:) says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photographs (super looking models of course – kiddies included)! Seeing the handsome couple again brings back memories of a fantastic day. Can’t wait to see them all

  18. oh – good thinking on the gnomes. The client area thing will be up to the couple – meeting them next week..

  19. Davina says:

    Stunning photographs, would like to see the finished album of that wedding. Will you be putting this on your client area Peter? As for the gnomes they are there to keep the birds off and their wages are cheaper than cats – simples!

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