Ryan & Brenda – Lissanoure Castle…


 Opening a card from Ryan…don’t smudge the makeup!   
Over to Lissanoure… I am so jealous of this VW…
 Brenda doesn’t have a driving license!  Love this next one:
 Love this next one too:
 As the sunset on Lissanoure, the party was only beginning!

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2 Responses to Ryan & Brenda – Lissanoure Castle…

  1. Bridgeen says:

    You make such a great (auld) married couple!!! thank you both for such an amazing day filled with great punch, food, music, laughter and craic. You pair are so set for a very happy life together. Enjoy

    (perhaps you might think about taking up wedding planning as a career – you certainly demonstrated some amazing creativity and organisational skills!!!)

  2. Yvonne McKay says:

    What a wonderful, beautiful day. Lots of great memories for everyone xxx

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