Tyrone & Alexandra: Clandeboye Lodge


I’d take a fair guess and say that Alexandra likes her shoes! Not only were Alexandra’s shoes amazing – but Tyrone is the first groom I have ever seen wear cool blue shoes! Was a great day.

Here’s a few photos:

And now a few at the Kingdom Hall…

Below: It’s so easy to miss these wee moments – love this one:

The reception was at the Clandeboye Lodge Hotel:

The next photo makes me smile:

And finally two candids – the first of the cake cutting and the second of the bride chatting to friends:

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21 Responses to Tyrone & Alexandra: Clandeboye Lodge

  1. Lauren says:

    photos look beautiful!!!

  2. matt&mandy says:

    Photos are beautiful. You both look amazing , very natural.

  3. Ruth&Robert says:

    Pictures are gorgous was a great day Alex and Tyrone, cant wait to see the album!

  4. Martina&Raymond says:

    Photos are beautiful, thanks for a great day. Cant wait to see the album!

  5. Ruth and Robert says:

    Photos are gorgeous, everyone looked lovely, was a great day, looking forward to seeing the album xx

  6. Kelly McAtarsney says:

    Lovely day!! Photos are great…

  7. MJ says:

    LOVE the photos.. absolutely glowing Alex, gorgeous!!! xx

  8. Doris Bickerstaff says:

    Lovely photos, look forward to seeing the rest.

  9. Alice Woods says:

    Great pics, cant wait to see the rest! xx

  10. Brian McIlroy says:

    Great photos. It looks (and sounds) like you had a wonderful day. Many congratulations!!

  11. Beth says:

    Photo’s are excellent, really natural. You look like you had a great day. Look forward to seeing the rest of the pics.

  12. Debs & Jason says:

    Beautiful photos Alex 🙂 you both look so happy!!

  13. Stunning photos, Alex. We had a lovely day. Hope you both enjoyed your honeymoon. Would be great to see you both soon. xxxx

  14. kellyanne allen says:


  15. Lynn Meeke says:

    Photos are fab, Tyrone can smile, lol, can’t wait to see the album. xxxx

  16. Sarah Bickerstaff says:

    photos look gorgeous, can’t wait to see them 😀

  17. James O'Kane says:

    Looks like you had a great day. I would definately consider using Peter Thomas for our big day.

  18. Katie McKibnley says:

    awesome photographs

  19. Siobhan McKenna says:

    The photos are amazing! Wish i could have been there 🙁 x

  20. Bronagh says:

    I can’t wait to see all of the pictures! You looked stunning Alex, we all had so much fun at your wedding.

  21. Alexandra Bickerstaff says:

    Thanks so much Peter, my photos are great so far… Can’t wait to see the rest on Friday.

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