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Paul & Paula – Ballygally Castle

Nice wee picture of the bride and her Dad coming up the aisle…

Over to the Ballygally…

If there is one thing that has changed with my photography over the last couple of years – it’s that I’m much less afraid of bright sunlight. I used to run to the shade at every opportunity. No longer! Actually love the picture below just lit with good old sun light…

The room looked great…

And finally, I just happened to come across these rings sitting on a rock, on the beach in beautiful sunset light. I love not being a reportage photographer!

Fuzz & Sarah – Ballygally


These flowers were made to be photographed…

Below: never blog while hungry..

I always love how us men sit around an open bonnet and look at the engine. I’m the one that pretends to understand how it all works 🙂

Love the next one..

Let the service begin!

After the service, Fuzz & Sarah wanted to go a wee run in the car to Glenarm….

Now on my earlier recce of Glenarm, I had noticed a fairground wheel which fitted in with the car rather perfectly :-). Happy days.


Back to the Ballygally…

Love the next two:


Even the dolls were getting romantic…

Time to boogey 🙂


Colm & Grainne



Had a bit of a blast at Colm & Grainne’s wedding! Was great..Arrived at the house in the morning and it was properly pouring down – but by the time we got to the Ballygally it had cleared up nicely for some beach pictures.

Here’s a few photos:

Love the next few:

Just keeping an eye on the photographer…

About the only photo Grainne and Colm actually asked me for:


And to finish off with, a few nice bride photos:

Stephen & Louise – Ballygally Castle

I met Louise & Stephen at a wedding last year and was delighted when they booked me for their big day. They are a great couple – and it was a very nice wedding.

So here’s a few photos:


Time for a wee dance and a sisterly hug…

The reception was in the Ballygally Castle Hotel, a venue I really like..

Love these next few…
Not sure if the next photo was taken in Ballygally or Beverly Hills 🙂

So it wasn’t long until the ‘L’ plate got produced. Funny thing was that someone stuck it to my reflector. Naturally I forgot all about it – until I unknowingly produced it at the next wedding to everyones great amusement 🙂

I sometimes do a running picture just for fun. The instructions are really simple: ‘run and don’t fall!’. This one didn’t go exactly to plan 🙂

Ok back to the romance – love these final two:

Hall & Amanda – Ballygally Castle

It’s funny how that in a country as small as N.Ireland, I keep discovering new places. This time, the church was in the metropolis of Ballylinney – actually not too far from where I live but somewhere I’d never heard of before. Then after the church it was off to the Ballygally Castle.


Here’s a few photos:

The Ballygally is a good location – the gardens and the beach are great for photographs…


Wedding at Glenoe and Ballygally Castle

I was just thinking I haven’t posted in a while – been super busy with Christmas weddings and the new studio (more on that soon!). So I just happened to be working on Helen & Dimitri’s album tonight and I thought I’d post a few photographs.

Dimitris holds the record for the customer with the longest and most difficult to spell surname! He’s from Greece and is marrying an Irish girl. Naturally he’s a lucky man!

So here are a few photos:

Above: Capturing the fun and emotion of the day is really important to me. So I like this little picture – I think it captures the moment well.

Above: Glenoe Waterfall. If you don’t know, Glenoe is a little village close to Larne. I think it’s the original home of Mauds Ice Cream – anywhere than birthed Poo Bear ice cream is great in my eyes!

Above: the actual village is quite quaint…

Above: Taken while the bride & groom pose for some guests..

Above: Ballygally. It’s my typical mix of candid photos (right) and semi-posed (left). Helen had a great veil…

Above: First dance with parents watching on…

You can check out the rest of the album mock-up at

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Wedding at Sinclair Seamen’s Church & Ballygally Castle

The first wedding in April, I had a very enjoyable day with Jonathan & Heather. I’m not doing too bad at posting these to the blog – we’ll see how long it lasts! I have quite a few more pictures from March, but waiting on the couples getting back from honeymoon.

This particular day started with rain – but the weather picked up in the afternoon. Sinclair Seamen’s church is great inside.

Above: Outside Sinclair Seamen’s Church.

Above: This is fast becoming one of my favourite shots to take at a wedding!

Above: The classic Ballygally picture. I actually did a photograph a few weeks back from the other side of the archway – which I hope to post soon.

Above: the stormy weather had washed up tonnes (and I mean tonnes) of seaweed onto the beach – so unfortunately we couldn’t take photos on the sand. With a little improvisation, we got quite a few good photographs with the amazing scenery in the background. I thought I’d post the most different one – which was on the steps onto the beach.

Above – the spiral steps in the Ballygally Castle. Probably my favourite image from the wedding.

Above: hard to beat the natural photographs!

Above: And finally, one idea which Heather had which I thought was really nice, was to have a picture taken in her Mum’s wedding dress! I’m sure that will have been a lovely surprise for her mother.

You can view the full album mock-up  here

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