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Celebrating our Customers! with Rosie

This week we’re celebrating a really interesting customer – Rosie! Rosie came in with her two beautiful dogs, Fenrir and Luna, and we were delighted to learn that they were Search and Rescue dogs.

They were such a pleasure to have in the studio that we had to find out more about them! Check out her story, her very obedient dogs and ways to get involved with Search and Rescue dog training:

Experts estimate that a single Search and Rescue dog can accomplish the work of 20 to 30 human searchers.

Hey Rosie – tell us all about your two dogs!

“Fenrir is a 19 month old Dutch Herder born here in Northern Ireland, he’s a Trailing Dog in training for SARDA IN (Search and Rescue Dog Association, Ireland North). Fenrir works by being given the scent of an article of clothing belonging to a missing person and uses his nose to follow the trail. We are hoping to get him qualified this year.”

Luna had a difficult start, but she has quickly become a confident little girl.

“Luna is a 1 year old Dutch Herder. She joined us from a rescue centre in England where she had a difficult start, but she has quickly become a confident little girl. Luna has just started her training to become a victim recovery dog for SARDA IN. Once qualified, she will be used to help find those missing persons we believe to already be deceased. She also competes in fun scent work competitions run in Northern Ireland. 

As Northern Ireland’s only official dog search and rescue team, we can be requested by the PSNI to assist in searching for missing persons. We are all volunteers and all the dogs are pets first.”

SAR dogs’ sense of smell is up to 100 million times stronger than humans!

I had so much fun… and it looks like the dogs did too!

How was your photoshoot?

“I had so much fun at the photo shoot – and it certainly looked like the dogs had a blast too! I was made to feel so at ease, even with two crazy dogs who were just desperate to get hold of their ball!”

How could people get involved with SARDA?

“Some ways to get involved with SARDA IN can be through donations made through the Facebook page –

Or you can contact Neil Powell at about volunteering as a Dogs Body. Dogs Bodies are volunteers who come along to our training sessions each month and hide in locations around the Mourne Mountains for qualified and in-training dogs to find”

The Peter Thomas Photography website is

Personal Brand Photoshoot

Our personal brand photoshoots or ‘lifestyle’ shoots are made to show people who you are and what you do.

These photography sessions are more personalised than simple headshots. We work with you to tailor the shoot specifically for you and what you want to show the world.

You can either get awesome shots on location or come into our studio with where you have an unlimited choice of backgrounds, outfits and lighting setups.

As an entrepreneur or small-business owner, these photos allow people to connect more deeply with your brand and feel what it’s like to work with you.

Our personal brand photos are perfect for use on LinkedIn, Facebook or even dating sites!

These sessions aren’t just for entrepreneurs or small business owners telling their story – they can be a great way to celebrate an important event or milestone.

For example, Caoimhe came in for a shoot to mark her 21st birthday and got some stunning shots that express her vibrant, creative personality!

For more information about our personal brand photoshoots or to book in, follow this link:

Celebrating our Customers!

This is the first of what we hope will be a great way of celebrating amazing customers. Every portrait experience is as different as the family that walks through the door. Some are excited about their session, others have apprehensions that the children won’t be in good form. We got a chance to hear about Amy and her three kids with autism and ADHD and how the world of Ju-Jitsu changed their lives for the better.

Hi Amy! How was your photoshoot with the kids?

When we visited your studio I was worried that the kids would not settle well. All three children have either autism or ADHD and don’t always cope well in new environments. To keep things as normal as possible we attended our normal Ju-Jitsu class that morning to burn off energy! 

Once we arrived our photographer was absolutely fantastic. While some of the kids did not want to be photographed, she worked with the child that did and used toys and games to help the other two feel at ease.

Once we arrived our photographer was absolutely fantastic. While some of the kids did not want to be photographed she worked with the child that did and used toys and games to help the other two feel at ease. In between shots the kids wandered through the studio asking questions and touching everything – something they do often which can cause me a lot of stress as not everyone appreciates their curiosity! However the time and patience the photographer had with the kids was second to none. 

All together it was a fantastic, stress-free experience which is not what I had expected. The shots taken were amazing considering 2 out of 3 kids were not really interested in having their pictures taken! 

That’s great to hear! Tell us more about you.

In 2020 I was a finalist for the UK Coaching Hero Award for my work with the World Ju-Jitsu Federation Ireland. I was engaging children in activities throughout lockdown, designing at-home zoom programmes and a Ju-Jitsu themed at-home camp. I was the only female martial artist in the top 75 and the only martial artist that made it to the top 4!

Congratulations! How did that come about?

I first designed at-home ideas for my scouting group – 7th Dromore Scouts, Scouting Ireland. I ran weekly zoom sessions and WhatsApp groups to keep kids busy and happy throughout a frightening time when many of our kids could not completely understand why their worlds had been turned upside down. 

I was supported by the parents in my group and their excellent feedback. I then adapted it for the youth of my Ju-Jitsu Federation. Ju-Jitsu is something I have been involved with for almost 6 years. It has helped my kids with discipline, balance, self esteem and their social skills. 

And I believe not only the kids benefited from it?

Before I started training I was a diabetic with 2 autoimmune diseases and as a single parent of 3 kids with special needs, found life draining. Now my diabetes is under control and I haven’t had a flare up of my other illnesses in 3 years. 

Ju Jitsu has become a huge part of my life after I joined a year after my son did. It has helped my mental health, self esteem, balance, fitness and weight (to date I’ve lost almost 4 stone)! 

I have energy and patience for my kids and our quality of life as a family is 100 times better. A lot of this is to do with the people at Ju Jitsu- it is a community where you can always find help and support. 

 I was honoured when I was asked to use my background in youth work to help during lockdown and I gained the confidence to complete my coaching qualification. I received so much support from my own coaches and the Head of the World Ju-Jitsu Federation Ireland, sensei David Toney. As a result of the confidence placed in me, I have begun coaching in several clubs and enrolled in some more qualifications to help me work with kids with special needs or challenging behaviours. 

How can other parents get involved?

To get started with Ju-Jitsu, there are a list of clubs on their website ( with the names and numbers of the head coaches for each area! 

The Scout Foundation Northern Ireland office ( will be able to point you in the direction of your nearest scout group.

The Peter Thomas Photography website is


Every now and then we love to add something totally different into our studio portfolio. In the last few years we’ve added in The Little White Box and Babyface sessions – both have been amazingly popular.

So what should we do next? Something that no one else in N.Ireland is doing, something fun and unique. After more than a little head scratching we came across CAPOW!

Everyone loves to dress up, and everyone loves superheroes!

So out we went, bought a movie grade set including backdrops, boulders, metal beams, chains and more! Just when the credit card couldn’t take any more, we bought 30 superhero outfits – from superman and super girl to deadpool and flash!

Somewhat worried about how this might go, we decided to a soft-launch first. Three days of CAPOW shoots later…and the results were amazing!

Here’s our first ever CAPOW family!

One child came into the studio, superhero music blasting. He slipped on his Iron Man outfit.

“Mum, I’m really Iron Man. I’m really him!”

Adults get to join in too. Mums and dads have really enjoyed the experience – we’ve noticed a real Marvel vs DC rivalry. Almost as bad as the Man Utd vs Liverpool rivalry in my house!

One unexpected consequence of the CAPOW shoots were the (sometimes heartbreaking) stories people shared. One child who is ill with Leukaemia had a blast. “We would love to do this shoot with him as he is our hero!”. Another child with autism really got into character.

“I’m so amazed he has done so well. We never get photographs normally!”

We are planning to run the CAPOW shoots once a month – you can book here.

Donal & Margaret are in love :-)

Love this next one!

I must admit I was slightly apprehensive taken photos of such a good photographer – but anytime you are a wee bit nervous just take photos of shoes. Works every time!
Also love the next one!

And finally, I can just imagine these last two on the wall as a big canvas 🙂

Michael & Denay – Balmoral Hotel

Michael and Denay have been facebooking from their honeymoon in Turkey – i’m more than a little jealous!
The wedding was great – nice folks, nice detail, nice service…the same can’t be said for the weather which was unbelievably wet – but we all just ignored the weather and enjoyed the day!

So here’s the bride’s preparations:


I’m glad Michael added the ‘not’ in 🙂

At the church..

The weather looked to be improving a bit – so we chanced Lady Dixon park. I got literally 2 mins and then the heavens opened!
So back to the Balmoral for the photos 🙂

Love this next one:

And also love the next one:


You can see more at

Philip & Michelle – Lamon Hotel


It seems like no time at all that I met Philip & Michelle – and now they are married! As I work on these photos, I must admit I’m just a teeny wee bit jealous of their honeymoon in St.Lucia. I did ask if they wanted a photographer to document the honeymoon, but they didn’t seem too keen!

Right – here’s a few photos:


The bestman struggles to get the rings out of the bag… 🙂

Like the next two 🙂


Just for you blog friends, I selected a slightly unusual dance photo!

And finally, the couple had a big curtain which was lit with coloured LED spot lights. Well, just for fun I played around with one a bit with it and this is the result. Nothing to do with the wedding, just a bit of abstract fun.

Andrew & Marion – Lady Dixon Park & Rosspark Hotel

The wedding season is definetly in full swing now – I always love this time of year. I met Andrew & Marion through Andrew’s sister’s wedding which I photographed a while back, so it was good to see everyone again. Also great to be back in my own wedding hotel – The Rosspark!

Here’s a few photos, starting at the brides house:

And then over the church:

The paparazzi assemble!

Love the car one below!

Lady Dixon Park was just across the road…


Something kinda cute about this next one:

Marion looks so happy – and didn’t feel the cold tooooooo much!

Nicky & Arron – Park Avenue Hotel

Nicky & Arron are from Stockport direction – but decided to get married in N.Ireland due to some historical connections with this wee place. It is indeed true – where else would you want to get married? 🙂

Was a really fun day – here’s some photos..

Below: love the background for the flowers:

Below: Don’t often feature the ushers on here – but couldn’t resist these two 🙂 🙂  


Loving the bus..

Nicky & Arron wanted a few photos in front of Stormont. Not totally sure if the next one is what they had in mind 🙂


David & Clare – Merchant Hotel

Another wedding at the lovely Merchant Hotel. I might have gone a wee bit OTT with the number of photos in this blog post! Its just not too often I get to do city centre photos – and urban photography was after all how I started.

Here’s a few photos:

Now over to the Cathedral Quarter…really like both of these:      

Love this next one – have one as well with a jogger in it – think he got quite a surprise!


Now for a few in the Merchant’s terrace:   

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