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crawfordsburn country park

Richard & Emma – Crawfordsburn Inn

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding coming around in my editing pile! It was a lovely, relaxed day – it hardly felt like work at all!

Emma got ready in the Crawfordsburn Inn:

Then over to the church in Holywood:

Love the next one!

And then down to Crawfordsburn Country Park:


You can view more from this wedding here!

Lynsey & Gerard – Crawfordsburn Country Park

The beautiful weather set the tone nicely for Lynsey & Gerard’s wedding. Lots of smiles, laughs and of course love.


My two little helpers…

Below: the first time the father of the bride gets to see the dress! 

Over to the church:
And onto a sun-soaked Crawfordsburn Country Park:
Two versions of the same photo – like them both!

Initials embroidered on the shirt – nice!
Each table was named after a different cocktail – complete with a jug of that cocktail. Nice idea!

Richard & Kirsty – Carnlea Golf Club

I had a great day with Richard & Kirsty. They enjoy laughter – something thats very, very infectious. I’d also never been to Carnlea Golf Club before. We did alot of the photos at Crawfordsburn, but it was nice to take a few at a new location…

So…here’s a few photos…Let’s start with the grooms preparations:

And then off to the bride’s house:

Meet the two brothers! I was a little uncertain whether to post the next two photos but here goes. Kirsty had bought her brothers a little wedding gift. The ‘Potty Putter’ is an ingenious idea 🙂 – but I wasn’t quite expecting a demonstration!!

So after being somewhat emotionally scarred for life at the Potty Putter incident, I headed down to the church.

For whatever reason, I really like the picture above right in the doorway. Now to Crawfordsburn…

And to Carnlea – the views are simply stunning. I quite like the black tiles too…

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