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Richard & Emma – Crawfordsburn Inn

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding coming around in my editing pile! It was a lovely, relaxed day – it hardly felt like work at all!

Emma got ready in the Crawfordsburn Inn:

Then over to the church in Holywood:

Love the next one!

And then down to Crawfordsburn Country Park:


You can view more from this wedding here!

Lynsey & Gerard – Crawfordsburn Country Park

The beautiful weather set the tone nicely for Lynsey & Gerard’s wedding. Lots of smiles, laughs and of course love.


My two little helpers…

Below: the first time the father of the bride gets to see the dress! 

Over to the church:
And onto a sun-soaked Crawfordsburn Country Park:
Two versions of the same photo – like them both!

Initials embroidered on the shirt – nice!
Each table was named after a different cocktail – complete with a jug of that cocktail. Nice idea!

Gareth & Claire – Crawfordsburn Inn

Gareth & Claire’s wedding was at the end of December and brings me up to date with all my editing! Wohoo!

Lovely couple, here’s a few photos:

Usually like to do a flower photo outdoors – but not possible due to some rather wintry weather! But I really like the carpet background  in the photo below:

A wee bit of history being made…


Now to the service:


Like the next one!

The weather wasn’t being too kind, so instead of the Country Park we decided to go straight to the Crawfordsburn Inn. Of course, as soon as we made that decision the clouds cleared for a moment or two and we got some outdoor stuff  – even got the car hood down!


Cricket at Crawfordsburn Inn – probably a first 🙂

The room looked great..

Mark & Helen – Crawfordsburn Inn

Helen pulled up at the Crawfordsburn Inn in a big limo – and suddenly I realised I knew her parents from way back! Small world 🙂
The old N.Ireland weather didn’t disappoint with all the seasons in one day – but hey thats a small price for living in the world’s best wee country! Right, enough of my ramblings – here’s a few photos:

Down at Crawfordsburn Country Park…(love the umbrella photo!)

Any bride & groom who have a VW camper van at their wedding earns instant credibility with me 🙂

Talking about cars, looks like Mark’s single-man tax is about to run out…cool cuff-links eh?!?!?

Now for perhaps the most interesting rings picture i’ve ever taken:

Wedding at Bangor & Crawfordsburn Wedding

Here’s a few photos from Andrew & Lauren’s wedding! I always like the Crawfordsburn Inn (indeed I had my Christmas Dinner there!), so it was good to get back on the beach again.

I’ve selected a few of the more formal (ish) photos to show you this time.

Outside Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church, Bangor

Inside the church!

On the left: I’m not actually the biggest fan of sepia colour – but I think I’m maybe changing my mind!! The last few albums have had sepia pages in them – brides seem to like it and I have to say it gives a very timeless feel.

Haven’t done this photo before – think I’ll do it again in the future!

Above: Just for the blog, I’ve desaturated these a little to give a 60’s/70’s look…

This couple went for a traditional, square album – you can see the mockup here

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