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Hayden & Dervla – Castle Grove Hotel Donegal

 Dervla looked amazing – and loved the invite 🙂 Hayden looking a wee bit nervous 🙂  So after the church it was raining. I am SO glad that Dervla and Hayden wanted to go for a few on the beach anyway. Actually the rain soon stopped.  Then over to Castle Grove Hotel. It’s a really nice, quaint place…
Lovely details at this wedding…  …just keeping an eye on proceedings from the top floor 🙂

Denise & Sean – Ballyliffen Lodge, Donegal

I’ve never been to Ballyliffen before – Its a nice place! Ballyliffen Lodge is a great hotel too. It’s obvious that Sean & Denise really enjoy each others company – they are always smiling and laughing when together. I’ll talk you through the day!

First port of call for me was a few photos of the groom before the service and guests arriving:

One of the more interesting guest photos 🙂

Denise & her Dad arrive!

…and the service begins!


Music during the service was provided by these guys. The guy on the Bodhran is Denise’s brother. I arrived quite early before the service so we got chatting. We were happily debating the rights and wrongs of re-incarnation – he’s a big believer, I’m not! But when he reckoned I would have probably been Ansel Adams in a previous life – suddenly the theory sounded much better! 🙂 (still nowhere convinced though!)

After the service we took some photos on the beautiful beach and in the hotel garden.   

The infamous best mans speech!

As I packed my stuff into the car to head home, I accidently dropped my keys into the boot. After the familiar ‘beep’ of the car, that was me locked out and stuck in the middle of Donegal. Of course my phone was in the car – as was my wallet! A local mechanic came to the rescue, but after some attempts to break in, we ended up taking a hammer to the window! YIKES! After a rather cold and noisy drive home, it was easy enough to get fixed. Definetly will be more careful about not putting my keys in the boot from now – as it’s basically impossible to break into a Skoda!


Andrew & Dianna – Solis Lough Eske

I was pretty excited about my first trip to Lough Eske – really is a beautiful venue (so nice I’ve booked a wee weekend away there!). I did an engagement shoot a while back with Andrew & Dianna which was good craic – so was looking forward to the day!

Here’s a few photos:

Thought the flowergirl dress was kinda cute 🙂

Now to Lough Eske:

Love the next one:


The mother of the bride having a sneak peak out the door 🙂 

These look pretty lovely:

I realise I’ve posted a pic of this bow already – but really like it!

Paul & Wendy – Harvey’s Point Donegal

Back over to Donegal again for Wendy & Paul’s wedding. Was a really fun day and a great couple!

Here’s a few photos starting with the Wendy’s second best friend:

The weather was doing it’s thing – but it was good to get the umbrella out!

The lough at Harvey’s point is great:

Jaimie & Judith: Harvey’s Point, Donegal

My Sat Nav has heart failure everytime I enter Donegal. If just won’t work. I’m considering giving it a bypass to the trash can. So I always leave loads of spare time when entering Donegal – just incase I can’t find the house. Turns out Judith’s house was dead easy to find courtesy of a new bridge the Irish government built just for my ease of transport (very kind of them). Didn’t want to arrive tooo early so I stopped along the way to take a wee landscape or two…(if you are on my facebook you’ll have seen this one already)…

So a beautiful place…I can only think of a really cheesy link to the wedding photos – so I’m going to avoid that :-). Suffice to say, I really enjoyed the day – and here’s a few photos:


I totally love this old Church of Ireland sign. Looks hand painted. I didn’t put it in the album mockup – but still think its kinda cool! Imagine the hassle when the rector changes!

Ok – the bride and her Dad arriving at the church…    

Love these car photos taken at the church:

Of course by the time we reached Harvey’s Point it was raining! So Glad Jaimie and Judith grabbed an umbrella and braved the elements…


Philip & Niamh – Harvey’s Point Donegal

Niamh & Philip got married in Margherafelt, and then headed off to Donegal for the reception. Harveys Point is a great venue – how come everytime I do a wedding in Donegal I forget to bring my euros? 🙂

So here’s a few photos:


Took me a while to remove a handrail in the next photograph, but I really love it:

Above: Let the party begin!

Antoine & Anne Marie – Harvey’s Point, Donegal

This was a very international wedding – French groom, Irish bride, both living in Spain! The couple are great fun – and we had everything from rifle shooting at the front of the church (a Donegal tradition??) to speeches in 3 languages! Great!

Above: At the brides house (check out the veil!)

Above: I think the brides mother thought I was a little bit crazy when I suggested taking a photo at this old out-house wall!

Above: Loads of great church pictures in St.Johnston – here’s one.

Above: The weather was very iffy – so we took a few photos indoors too while it was raining.

You can see the mock album layout (one of our Reporto Contemporary albums) here

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