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Ian & Charlotte’s Big Day!


Over to the church at Cairncastle for the service…

After the service we had Ian’s favourite food – ice cream.

Then down to the beach at Ballygally for a few photos…Love the wellies!    
And then over to the Dunadry.  With all the ice-cream some of the guests went to extreme lengths to get some exercise  🙂 Charlotte’s details were amazing. Ian might not live this down for a while 🙂 

Blair & Ciaras big day!

Over to the church for a yarn with Blair…
I always love the Dunadry… Ciara looked awesome…   

Andrew & Suzanne – Dunadry Hotel

It was a handy start to the day – Suzanne’s parents live in Carrickfergus, just around a bit from my house. By the time I got to Suzanne’s house it was properly chucking it down (that’s raining for my international readers!). But in this country, the weather doesn’t dampen our spirits –  it was a great day with a nice wee couple..

Well let’s show you some photos from the house!



So over to the church – had to include the only two outdoor photos of the day!

I always love the moment the bride arrives at weddings – such anticpation, excitement. emotion and a wee bit of nerves.

Then over to the Dunadry!

The next two where taken inside, looking out through a fire escape 🙂

Love the photo below right – check out the tip-toes!

The room was awesome…

Alf & Ruth’s Wedding – Dunadry Hotel

Great day with Ruth & Alf! Lovely couple, great weather – everyone was in great form!

Let’s start with a verse printed in Alf & Ruth’s invite, words that are always good to be reminded of:

“God can do anything, you know –

far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!

He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us,

his Spirit deeply and gently within us.”

Ephesians 3:20 (The Message) 

Ok, so for a few photos!! Starting with the brides preparations:

The flowergirl sure wasn’t shy 🙂


Love the next one:

Below – the look says it all!


The Paparazzi 🙂


Now to the Dunadry…


Gary & Holly – Dunadry

Gary & Holly’s wedding was really beautiful. Lots of lovely wee details which are a photographers dream! Great couple too – here’s a few photos:

I met Holly and the ladies at the beauty salon for a few candids:

Then over to Holly’s house:

















The service took place in Carnmoney Presbyterian…

And then to the Dunadry:

Below: having a wee giggle with one of the bridesmaids 🙂

The following shot was taken during the speeches – a nice moment..

Thanks to Nigel McQuillan who was the second photographer at this wedding…


Brian & Stephanie – Dunadry

It was great to back at the Dunadry again. The first thing I noticed when I walked into Stephanie’s house was how into photography and photography gear everyone was! My kinda people!

So…here’s a few photos:

Above: wasn’t sure whether or not to take the double yellow lines out  – for some weird reason I quite like them in…

Above right is probably my favourite shot of the day.

Above: The Bridal Suite…

Chris & Suzanne- Dunadry Wedding

I’ve been itching to edit this wedding since taking it! I’ve been experimenting a bit recently with new styles, new semi-poses and new lenses…and I think its starting to come together. Enough about me – lets talk about the wedding. Chris & Suzanne are pretty easy going. It was just a joy to take their photographs…and I have to say I really do quite like the Dunadry as a venue… Here’s a few photos:

Above:It’s totally possible that the roses chocolates had absolutely nothing to do with the wedding. But I love chocolate and they look nice on the blog 🙂

Above: had to capture the great tie! Love it.

Above: sorry Chris – but you did spend a lot of the day holding the bouquet! :-). The next two photos are some of my faves…

Favourite Pics: April 2009 (part 1)

As part of the regular ‘Favourite Pics’ series, here are the first batch of my favourite pictures, all taken during April 2009. There are plenty more for part 2 – but I need to wait until the couples are back from honeymoon and give permission!

1. Deborah & Joe
Really enjoyed my time with Deborah & Joe  – here are a few black & whites. I really like this contrasty look. It was also good to catch up with Deborah’s sister who’s wedding I did last year.



2. Louise & Ryan
Another great day at the Dunadry – and probably the most organised couple in the world – the album has already gone to print!!

Above: This is the sort of documentary photo I love to take. It probably won’t make its way into the album, but its a great memory of a bridesmaid opening a gift she just received from the bride.


Above: the choir make a guard of honour on the way out of the church. Another nice documentary style shot.


Above: making the most of the rain – the trusty Peter Thomas umbrella comes into action!


3. Jackie & Joanne
My most local wedding recently (Whitehead & Greenisland), we had good fun down in HazelBank park. Great couple.



Above: men are often forgotten at weddings – and the bride gets all the attention. So at every wedding, I’m now trying to get a few really good pictures of the men. This one is in an interesting location – but I love the urban feel from the old grafitti.


Above: the first dance. Totally unscripted – they look totally in love!


Above: just to show you a fun storybook page layout. Makes you smile – job done!

4. Ian & Lorna
From a local wedding to the opposite extreme – I went through an entire tank of petrol at this wedding in Limavady & Ballybofey! A lovely service and a great location in Browns Gardens in Limavady. We just about beat the rain!



Above: A little bit of a ‘quirky’ image in panoramic – but I have to say I quite like it!


Above: as always the detail shots are important reminders of the day

So there you go – my favourite pictures in April 2009. They are all available for viewing at . Hope you like them – let me know! Part 2 coming in a week or two!

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