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Celebrating our Customers! with Ciara

This month we got to celebrate Ciara! In chatting with Ciara, we learnt that she runs an amazing little Etsy store that we simply had to hear more about!

Hey Ciara – tell us about yourself!

“My name’s Ciara, I am an NHS Dietitian and a mother of two beautiful children – both under 3 years old. My auntie taught me how to crochet 5 years ago. I started off with blankets and then quickly progressed to crocheting cardigans, crop tops, dresses, skirts – you name it!

When my son was born I started crocheting funky hats for him, such as dinosaur or monster hats. I received so many comments about how unique and quirky the hats were that I started up my own little Etsy business CrochetedByCiara.”

I’m very proud of my little business!

Sleepy Owl, Minion, Bucket Hat and Highland Cow hats

“My Etsy business has been running for over one year and has over 380 sales worldwide! My hat line now has 64 different styles in sizes newborn to adult, all of which are handmade by myself in my living room! Iā€™m very proud of my little business. 

My latest hat design is a Ukraine-inspired hat, with 25% of the hat price going to charities that aid the Ukrainian people.”


The photographer was so patient and joyful with my two children.

How was your photoshoot?

“My family and I loved the photography session! The photographer was so patient and joyful with my two children. We got so many gorgeous photos and it was so hard to choose which ones, I wanted to buy them all! The images will be going above our fireplace.”

How can some of our readers check out your hats?

“You can order my hats on CrochetedByCiara on Etsy. Thank you so much!”

Crazy Camping

Over Easter I took a few days off and the family went camping. After 22degrees the week before, what could go wrong?!?

Was good fun – the kids loved it. Here’s a few photos:

Here’s a pic of the tent and our wee heater – which was very handy given it was completely freezing outside. Cosy enough inside though.

Rained the whole time, so we bought these indoor shoes to keep the tent clean:

The Ipad is handy when it rains:

And Ben kept an eye on the new lambs…

…and had Ā a run on the train:

The drainage wasn’t too good, and this puddle emerged at the front of the tent:

This is what it looks like when your child lands in the puddle head first :-). We couldnt help but laugh

Thing was, wasn’t long till the whole place was a puddle. I was sitting in the main tent and suddenly I heard this *BANG*. Looked out the front door and the front living area of the tent had disappeared!! It was at the other end of the campsite. The ground was so wet the pegs wouldn’t stay in the ground. I reckoned that was our cue to hit the road homewards :-). I think we will remember the trip for some time!

One big walk…

Yesterday afternoon we went on a big family walk to Woodburn reservoir. Thought you might like to see a few photos!

First off, here is the reservoir. Was a little surprised it wasn’t fuller. And below is Eva with essential walking equipment – Hula Hoops!

The first sign of spring….

Amazingly I didn’t retouch the eyes at all – just mother nature’s light…

Happy as a pig in mud…

Santa bought me a fancy pair of Wellies this year.

Note to Santa if you are reading this: Wellies, no matter how expensive aren’t a good present..Santa Santa you must learn that good presents can always be played with and almost always involve a plug, a screen or four wheels šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Feel free to leave your views in the comments box!

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