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Ryan & Laura are married!!

Now if every house had one of these stands – idea for the shoe photo 🙂

Laura looked amazing..

There was this strange yellow orb in the sky that day. I haven’t seen it since!

I always like the Galgorm for photos…

 Like this next one a lot!

Chris & Marie-Claire

I must admit I very much like this dress..


I think I arrived at the church before the groom!


Now over to the Galgorm…


Haven’t done a picture on this seat before – its great!

Also love the next one!

Let’s finish with a topic close to my heart – chocolate!!



Mark & Amy – Galgorm Resort & Spa

All of these real sunny weddings seem like a distant memory now 🙂 Another brilliant day with a great couple. Galgorm is a great venue – but as always its the couple that make the day!

Let’s start at the bride’s house:


I met the men outside the Phantom House, Galgorm.  

A few candid guest photos after the service:

And then for a few in the grounds of the Galgorm:  

Philip & Kathryn – Galgorm Resort & Spa

It was a privilege to be invited back to the Monaghan household for another big occassion! Kathryn & Philip where the first of my weddings the week after Christmas. You do so much running around at weddings – its was a good way to work off the Christmas dinner(s).


So here’s a few photos:


Now to the chapel. Mr Monaghan’s expression just makes me laugh in the next one – I’ve included the more sensible one below it for good measure 🙂



The bridesmaids where very classy indeed..

Love the next 3:

The red against white is really striking – perfect for this time of year. The room at the Galgorm was beautifully decorated – really amazing.

Neil & Claire – Galgorm

Neil & Claire’s wedding was nice and wintry. The closest thing to a white wedding this year! I’m going through a wee spell of having seriously awesome couples who are very easy to work with – and this one was no exception!

Here’s a few photos:

Below: colour co-ordinating your bedroom around the bouquet – shows dedication 🙂


Below: 2 flowergirls or 3?

Slippy roads – good job they had plenty of horse power 🙂

Now to the Galgorm:


Wasn’t sure whether or not to blog the next one – but its one of those photos that makes me smile – so it passes the test 🙂     

Love the sunset light in the next few:


Below: I got one of these done – i’ll stick it on my facebook in the next few days. Will make you laugh!

Anytime Claire & Neil are together there’s fireworks! Neil organised these as a surprise. So how did he lure everyone outside at 8pm in freezing temperatures? He told them the photographer was taking a group photo! They must have thought I was a complete plunker – but shortly thereafter all was revealed!

Sean & Louise – Galgorm Resort & Spa

It doesn’t seem that long since I met Sean & Louise at a wedding fayre – and now they are married!! The church was just up the road a bit for me, then down to the lovely Galgorm.

Here’s a few wee photos!


Then we headed off to the church in Finaghy….  

Its kinda hard to describe the decor of the church. Its a little 70’s, a little 80’s – almost a little Art Decor or something. Anyway, given that the Irish weather was doing it’s thing we took a few indoors – I think they are pretty interesting!

Very pleased with this next one (its not often I say that):

The river was really raging at the Galgorm which made for a nice backdrop. This is the moment that Louise’s umbrella went for a little white water rafting ride..:-)




James & Jill – Mount Stewart

It’s funny how I’d never done a wedding at Mount Stewart – and then I was there twice in two weeks! There are very few venues which you could visit and take two completely different sets of wedding photographs. Really is a lovely place and I know it means a lot to James & Jill. Talking about James & Jill – what a great couple. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride smile as much!

So here’s a few photos:


And now for Jill’s two favourite people (apart from James of course 🙂 )  

After the service there was tea – those scones are making me kinda hungry 🙂

So over to Mount Stewart…

After Mount Stewart we travelled up to Galgorm Resort & Spa. The photo below left is at Galgorm, The photo below right is at Mount Stewart (and I love it!)

Christopher & Charleen – Galgorm Resort & Spa

Charleen & Christopher got married at the end of March and had their reception at Galgorm.

From the first time I met Charleen I knew it would be a stylish wedding – and indeed it was! I love the dress, shoes and pretty much everything else! Enjoy!

Above: The two flowergirls were great.

Above: Really like the silhouette photo. It was taken just after the service in a wee nook in the church..

Above: one of the album layouts..

Above: I took this photo during the first dance! Think it captures the moment well…

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Keith & Victoria – Galgorm Resort & Spa

A few photos from a recent wedding at Galgorm.

You can view the full album here

Galgorm Resort & Spa, Ballymena

One of my new years resolutions is to post a few pictures from each wedding on the blog…so here goes the 1st!

Taken in January 2010, at the Galgorm Resort and Spa, Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

The Phantom House


Enjoying the view

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