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knockagh lodge

Richard & Joanna – Hazel Bank & Knockagh Lodge

So cute 🙂 Even the doll is wearing a bridesmaids dress! Thought this next picture summed up the day nicely – lots of laughs!

Now off to Hazelbank…

Finally, I thought I’d include a few alternative evening shots!

Favourite Pics: April 2009 (part 1)

As part of the regular ‘Favourite Pics’ series, here are the first batch of my favourite pictures, all taken during April 2009. There are plenty more for part 2 – but I need to wait until the couples are back from honeymoon and give permission!

1. Deborah & Joe
Really enjoyed my time with Deborah & Joe  – here are a few black & whites. I really like this contrasty look. It was also good to catch up with Deborah’s sister who’s wedding I did last year.



2. Louise & Ryan
Another great day at the Dunadry – and probably the most organised couple in the world – the album has already gone to print!!

Above: This is the sort of documentary photo I love to take. It probably won’t make its way into the album, but its a great memory of a bridesmaid opening a gift she just received from the bride.


Above: the choir make a guard of honour on the way out of the church. Another nice documentary style shot.


Above: making the most of the rain – the trusty Peter Thomas umbrella comes into action!


3. Jackie & Joanne
My most local wedding recently (Whitehead & Greenisland), we had good fun down in HazelBank park. Great couple.



Above: men are often forgotten at weddings – and the bride gets all the attention. So at every wedding, I’m now trying to get a few really good pictures of the men. This one is in an interesting location – but I love the urban feel from the old grafitti.


Above: the first dance. Totally unscripted – they look totally in love!


Above: just to show you a fun storybook page layout. Makes you smile – job done!

4. Ian & Lorna
From a local wedding to the opposite extreme – I went through an entire tank of petrol at this wedding in Limavady & Ballybofey! A lovely service and a great location in Browns Gardens in Limavady. We just about beat the rain!



Above: A little bit of a ‘quirky’ image in panoramic – but I have to say I quite like it!


Above: as always the detail shots are important reminders of the day

So there you go – my favourite pictures in April 2009. They are all available for viewing at . Hope you like them – let me know! Part 2 coming in a week or two!

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