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Ashley & Anna – Lamon Hotel

Love the next two..

Philip & Michelle – Lamon Hotel


It seems like no time at all that I met Philip & Michelle – and now they are married! As I work on these photos, I must admit I’m just a teeny wee bit jealous of their honeymoon in St.Lucia. I did ask if they wanted a photographer to document the honeymoon, but they didn’t seem too keen!

Right – here’s a few photos:


The bestman struggles to get the rings out of the bag… 🙂

Like the next two 🙂


Just for you blog friends, I selected a slightly unusual dance photo!

And finally, the couple had a big curtain which was lit with coloured LED spot lights. Well, just for fun I played around with one a bit with it and this is the result. Nothing to do with the wedding, just a bit of abstract fun.

Jonathan & Kelly – Lisburn Civic Centre and The Lamon

I hadn’t taken a lot of photos in the grounds of Lisburn Civic Centre before, so it was nice to have that opportunity – variety is the spice of life as they say. My lasting memory of this wedding is the colour pink!! Kelly really loves pink. Funny how the wall in the house was pink – the bridesmaids are pink and even the photo of the first dance has pink lighting 🙂

Here’s a few photos, starting with a wee picture of the car driving up the yard – taken through an upstairs window…

Below – no Mother of the Bride should be without a survival kit!

Quite like this picture from the service:


Below: looking good!

Now for a few at the Lamon:




Alison & Mark: Lamon Hotel

Ice Cream. All weddings should have ice cream (and a photographer – preferably me 🙂 ).

Seriously though, Alison & Mark’s wedding was good craic. The whole thing was in the Lamon – its nice not to have all the travel for a change. They seemed to have a good time – and yes, there was ice cream.

Here’s a few photos:

Above: pity about the team 🙂

Thanks to Sharon who helped me out at this wedding.

Peter & Natalie – Lamon Hotel

Peter & Natalie’s wedding was at the Ulster Temple  – a church I have never been into before eventhough I lived off the Ravenhill Road for a while…
After the service it was off to the Lamon Hotel…The day was definetly even further enhanced by all the kids that attended – super cute! Here’s a few photos…

Really like the next 3 photos…

Above – managed to get one of the last photos of the day 🙂

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