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Ryan & Brenda – Lissanoure Castle…

 Opening a card from Ryan…don’t smudge the makeup!   
Over to Lissanoure… I am so jealous of this VW…
 Brenda doesn’t have a driving license!  Love this next one:
 Love this next one too:
 As the sunset on Lissanoure, the party was only beginning!

Chris & Edel are husband & wife!

This next photo is possibly the most expensive shoe photograph ever. I knelt down to to take the photo, and when I got up I caught a stone and ripped a big hole in my suit trousers!!!! 🙂

Love the expressions on the faces of the guests…     Now to Lissanoure – was kinda windy 🙂

This is the first time I’d taken photographs right down at the lake – great spot…
Then over to the Dunadry for the wedding banquet…

Andrew & Elise – Lissanoure Castle

It was great to be back up the North Coast again for Andrew & Elise’s wedding. This was a really well organised day – lots of brilliant little details – everyone enjoyed the day…

I realised that I managed to write an entire blog yesterday without a single shoe photograph – but after one day I’m having some withdrawal symptoms – so lets start with a shoe photo!

Above: Don’t you just love the summer weather 🙂

Above: this is a page out of the album layout I have done for Andrew & Elise….now lets move on to a photo I really love:

And lets finish with a few details…c’est bon!



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