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Darren & Edel – Bringing in the New Year in Style!

0055 0022 0019
Opening some gifts from Darren…

Over to the church in little place called Corcaghan0084
Looking a little nervous!
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Love the pastel colours in this one! You wouldn’t think it was December!0394 03470390 0384 0327 Darren – behave yourself!0318  0288 0275

Now over to the Errigal House Hotel, which is a lovely spot.
Entering in style!
0507I thought this was brilliant…0504 0491

Sonia & Gavan – Castle Leslie

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding. I met Sonia a while back at a wedding fayre and she is really lovely. Good artist too! Secondly, Castle Leslie is one of my favourite venues. Well let’s take a look at some photos:

Starting with the groom’s preparations:

Now over to the bride – love the bouquet shot:

Not sure why I’m attracted to these photos of someone else taking a photo – but quite like it!

Bride looked stunning!

Love the facial expressions of these two:

I was working on this over lunch time – hence the reason for the random food shot!

Ok over to the magnificent chapel:

Love how the pageboy just sat down in the middle of the next one!

Love these two detail shots (Sonia paints these venue pictures which is  very impressive!)

Below: The parazzi – good job Gavan loves getting his photo taken! (only joking 🙂 )

Over to Castle Leslie:

I must admit I very much like the next 4 pictures…  
Check out the cake:

I did a fake cake cutting – but much prefer this real one – a bit of a Castle Leslie tradition!


If you are interested you can view my first go at the album layout in the client area!

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