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Sven & Clare – Brookhall Historical Farm

At last Sven & Clare’s big day arrived. It seems like ages ago since I did some engagement photographs for them. Since then they’ve been living in Paris – so it was no surprise that there was a fair bit of romance on the wedding day!

So let’s start with the bride’s preparations:

Now over to Brookhall Historic Farm. It’s a new venue for me, and was great.
Love the next little sequence 🙂

The specially designed ring!

Always love working with the VW’s…

And then it was over to Edenmore…

The groom’s epic speech 🙂

These are cool – you can plant them and they’ll grow into something nice! Cool!




Red Raven Product Shoot

It’s always great to here of N.Irish businesses doing something innovative. So it was cool to find a company in the depths of our business park doing something different with racing googles. People use these for motocross, supercross, trail riding, quad biking – pretty much any kind of biking you can think of. What’s different is that they are wireless. Once the visor gets dirty, you just push a button on your handlebars and they clean immediately. Cool!

If you have no clue what i’m talking about this wee video from their website will explain:

Turns out these things are really difficult to photograph! They are super reflective – one of the trickiest objects I’ve photographed. Anyway, here’s the result:


Make sure and check out Red Ravens site at

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