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Alan & Laura – Rosspark Hotel

Over to the church…

Love the next two…

 Like this one too!

The men took a bit of a laughter fit!

Andrew & Marion – Lady Dixon Park & Rosspark Hotel

The wedding season is definetly in full swing now – I always love this time of year. I met Andrew & Marion through Andrew’s sister’s wedding which I photographed a while back, so it was good to see everyone again. Also great to be back in my own wedding hotel – The Rosspark!

Here’s a few photos, starting at the brides house:

And then over the church:

The paparazzi assemble!

Love the car one below!

Lady Dixon Park was just across the road…


Something kinda cute about this next one:

Marion looks so happy – and didn’t feel the cold tooooooo much!

Michael & Stacey – Rosspark Hotel

Michael & Stacey’s wedding definetly wins the award for the handiest wedding for me – the brides preparations and the church are literally round the corner!

The weather may have been wild – but it was a really nice wedding. I knew me and Stacey would get on ok when I saw the red poster on her wall:


The grandparents anxiously waiting on the bride returning from the hair dressers 🙂


Now to the church in Carrickfergus..

Rosspark always brings back memories as it’s where I got married 🙂

This umbrella is   a w e s o m e !

The room looked great too…

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