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Nicky & Meghan – Tullyglass Hotel

This little guy greeted me at the house…   The lovely bride…  So after the church we went to the Tullyglass…The weather was a wee bit iffy but we got outdoors inbetween showers…I always like this photo at the Tullyglass:

Kevin & Paula – Tullyglass Hotel

Kevin & Paula are good fun to be around – plenty of good old ‘craic’! The wedding was at the Tullyglass Hotel in Ballymena which is a great spot!

Here’s a few photos:


Back to shoe rehab for me 🙂

Some of the guys waiting on the bride’s arrival…they don’t look too stressed!

Kevin’s infamous DM boots!

The next series started out very sensibly 🙂

The photo below (right) was taken in the Tullyglass’ new garden. Us photographers take great interest in such things!

And finally the bestman’s speech!

Louise & David – Tullyglass Hotel Ballymena

After getting back from WPPI photography convention, I had all sorts of ideas to evolve my photography and style a little. Louise & David where the first wedding of the summer season and was a great couple to get started with!


Let’s start at the bride’s house. Incase the heart below is too small, it reads ‘happy ever after’…


Below: as the bride gets buttoned up she receives a wee note from her husband to be….   

Talking about husbands to be…

Below: the bridesmaids await the bride’s arrival…   

A wee bite to eat in the church hall…

Ready with the confetti…

Now over to the Tullyglass..

David had been telling me that one of his favourite films is American Gangster…so couldn’t resist setting this up…

The room looked great..


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Michael & Nichola – Tullyglass Hotel

It was great to be back in the Tullyglass Hotel – Michael & Nichola’s wedding was a very stylish occasion! Had good fun – and really like some of the pictures!

Talking about pictures – here’s a few:

Like this one taken in the bridal suite:

And totally love the yellow wall photo below:


Ioseph & Emma – Tullyglass Hotel

As I drove to Emma & Ioseph’s wedding the wipers could hardly clear the water away! So in my head I was going through all the indoor
photograph opportunities at The Tullyglass. I arrived to a happy smiling bride – it’s funny how people that smile seem to radiate positive energy (that sounded very new age – but you know what I mean 🙂 ). Anyway, Emma wanted her photographs outside at Antrim Castle Grounds – and no ammount of building work or rain was going to change that plan. I love people like this – and some of the umbrella photos are quite fun!

So –  a few photos:

Above: I’m aware I don’t often show family pictures on the blog – so today I’ve held back on the shoe photos and posted a few of the brides parents!

Above: just for fun – I have the more normal bridal party group without the umbrellas – but for the blog quite like this wee one!


Wedding at Tullyglass Hotel, Ballymena – Connor & Kerry

Now that the busiest week of the year is over (phew!), I’ll try and post a few blog entries!

I can hardly believe that the Tullyglass Hotel hasn’t featured on this blog before as it’s a popular venue. This was a really nice, relaxed wedding – here are a few pics.

Above: Before the wedding.

Above: I always seem to post the more serious pictures on this blog, but in reality I take lots of relaxed and fun ones too. So thought this little picture for the thank-you cards was a good, fun idea.

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