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Darren & Edel – Bringing in the New Year in Style!

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Opening some gifts from Darren…

Over to the church in little place called Corcaghan0084
Looking a little nervous!
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Love the pastel colours in this one! You wouldn’t think it was December!0394 03470390 0384 0327 Darren – behave yourself!0318  0288 0275

Now over to the Errigal House Hotel, which is a lovely spot.
Entering in style!
0507I thought this was brilliant…0504 0491

Andy & Cara – Redcastle Donegal


So Cara had mentioned an outdoor dress photo with the hills in the background. So I entrusted her brother with the dress and off we went. There wasn’t a tree in sight to hang it from. ‘Not a bother’ remarked her brother, ‘I’ll get the JCB’.


My head told me this was a very bad idea, but my heart wanted the photo.


The whole time I was thinking – how on earth would I go back in to tell Cara that her dress had a fallen in a pile of mud. Anyway, her bro assured me it was well secured. Just as we let go, a gust of wind caught the dress…

It turned out to be the quickest dress photo in history. I couldn’t get it down from the JCB quick enough – but I do like the end result 🙂

Dress safely returned to Cara, it was time for some other photos:

I love it when a couple so obviously enjoy the service..

The Skoda had a hard time keeping up with Andy’s car 🙂

Before arriving at the Redcastle, we stopped at a field….I was a wee bit dissapointed when the gate was locked. I gingerly suggested we just jumped over the gate, and before I knew it Cara was over the gate and in the field. Happy days! 🙂

I love love love this next photo.

On to the Redcastle…


Alan & Laura – Rosspark Hotel

Over to the church…

Love the next two…

 Like this one too!

The men took a bit of a laughter fit!

Say hello to the new Mr & Mrs Collins!

Love this wall at the brides house!

This is a blue sky – and yes its Northern Ireland and no it’s not been photoshopped in!

Over to Clandeboye:

I really like all of the following. The benefit of all the rain is that everything is sooo green…

Ryan & Laura are married!!

Now if every house had one of these stands – idea for the shoe photo 🙂

Laura looked amazing..

There was this strange yellow orb in the sky that day. I haven’t seen it since!

I always like the Galgorm for photos…

 Like this next one a lot!

Paul & Paula – Ballygally Castle

Nice wee picture of the bride and her Dad coming up the aisle…

Over to the Ballygally…

If there is one thing that has changed with my photography over the last couple of years – it’s that I’m much less afraid of bright sunlight. I used to run to the shade at every opportunity. No longer! Actually love the picture below just lit with good old sun light…

The room looked great…

And finally, I just happened to come across these rings sitting on a rock, on the beach in beautiful sunset light. I love not being a reportage photographer!

Fuzz & Sarah – Ballygally


These flowers were made to be photographed…

Below: never blog while hungry..

I always love how us men sit around an open bonnet and look at the engine. I’m the one that pretends to understand how it all works 🙂

Love the next one..

Let the service begin!

After the service, Fuzz & Sarah wanted to go a wee run in the car to Glenarm….

Now on my earlier recce of Glenarm, I had noticed a fairground wheel which fitted in with the car rather perfectly :-). Happy days.


Back to the Ballygally…

Love the next two:


Even the dolls were getting romantic…

Time to boogey 🙂


Chris & Edel are husband & wife!

This next photo is possibly the most expensive shoe photograph ever. I knelt down to to take the photo, and when I got up I caught a stone and ripped a big hole in my suit trousers!!!! 🙂

Love the expressions on the faces of the guests…     Now to Lissanoure – was kinda windy 🙂

This is the first time I’d taken photographs right down at the lake – great spot…
Then over to the Dunadry for the wedding banquet…

Chris & Marie-Claire

I must admit I very much like this dress..


I think I arrived at the church before the groom!


Now over to the Galgorm…


Haven’t done a picture on this seat before – its great!

Also love the next one!

Let’s finish with a topic close to my heart – chocolate!!



Mark & Esther-Ruth’s big day

Let’s start at the grooms house…

It’s always a bit worrying when you see a bride working at her dress with scissors 🙂

Esther opens her presents from Mark….

Over to Portstewart Baptist:

Lots and lots of amazing detail..

Now to Portstewart Strand. Love the next two 🙂

Actually love this one too!

Stunning bride…

This next one reminds me a tiny wee bit of Fer Juaristi’s stuff…


Now to Dog Leap Gardens…


Then we all went back to the Raddison Limavady to soak up some more of the details!

After food, they decided to light some Chinese Lanterns (everyone looks on nervously as several Chinese Lanters head right towards the building 🙂 )

Oh what fun you can have with Sparklers!

And then some dancing!

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