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The day I met the pen-man.

0001 Nice! Here’s the manufacturing process…0002
The raw materials…0064
0016  0038 0046 You can almost smell the whiskey…0052

And a few more pen pics:00190005 0009

For more info check out . Might be nice for signing the register with – so if you want one let me know and I’ll get you a price 🙂


Red Raven Product Shoot

It’s always great to here of N.Irish businesses doing something innovative. So it was cool to find a company in the depths of our business park doing something different with racing googles. People use these for motocross, supercross, trail riding, quad biking – pretty much any kind of biking you can think of. What’s different is that they are wireless. Once the visor gets dirty, you just push a button on your handlebars and they clean immediately. Cool!

If you have no clue what i’m talking about this wee video from their website will explain:

Turns out these things are really difficult to photograph! They are super reflective – one of the trickiest objects I’ve photographed. Anyway, here’s the result:


Make sure and check out Red Ravens site at

New Irish Choir & Orchestra

I cannot believe it’s the end of January and I’m only blogging this now! Have had these edited since before Christmas but just never got around to posting them on here…

In my opinion, the New Irish concert is the official start to Christmas. Its such a great night (if you haven’t been then go to for more info).

Apart from being a great night of music, I bumped in to no less than 5 of my wedding customers! Even better, running up and down the stairs at the Ulster Hall was good exercise before the Christmas dinners started :-).

Ok, so here’s a few photos, starting with the conductor Jonathan Rea.


Lots of behind the scenes photos like this one:

Very much like the next two:


Doesn’t the Ulster Hall look well? Some venue!

Off to the Theatre….

Well now for something completely different!

Tonight I’m off to the theatre to watch The Fringe Benefits Theatre Company’s productions of ‘The Man With a Flower in His Mouth’ and ‘Lovers – Winners, Losers’.

It was great fun to have some of the cast along to the studio a few weeks back to take some publicity photos. Here’s just a few!

Below: a bed, a drunk man and a religious women – definitely never had this combination in the studio before…

Make sure not to miss the various performances by the Theatre Company – coming up in the next few weeks!


Its always nice to see your work being used…

It’s always nice to see your work out and in the hands of the public. And so it was good to see this little brochure making the rounds, which includes a photograph I took. Its one of a series taken in Castlecourt Shopping Centre, Belfast of a BT Customer Advisor chatting to a customer.

The Christmas Self Portrait

Every Christmas, I face the feedback from friends and family that I spend much more time behind the camera than in front of it!

The fact is I spend so much time taking photographs, that I often escape being the subject of their photographs.

So just for fun, here’s a self-portrait taken during a recent commercial shoot at a garden centre. 🙂


Concert Photography

Something a bit different! I recently covered two concerts – one in the Waterfront Hall and one in the Millenium Forum, Derry. It was good fun – my legs were sore for a week after climbing all those steps at the Waterfront! The concert included Keith & Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend and the New Irish Choir and Orchestra. There are loads of photographs, so I’ll just post a few of the more interesting ones:









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