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Personal Brand Photoshoot

Our personal brand photoshoots or ‘lifestyle’ shoots are made to show people who you are and what you do.

These photography sessions are more personalised than simple headshots. We work with you to tailor the shoot specifically for you and what you want to show the world.

You can either get awesome shots on location or come into our studio with where you have an unlimited choice of backgrounds, outfits and lighting setups.

As an entrepreneur or small-business owner, these photos allow people to connect more deeply with your brand and feel what it’s like to work with you.

Our personal brand photos are perfect for use on LinkedIn, Facebook or even dating sites!

These sessions aren’t just for entrepreneurs or small business owners telling their story – they can be a great way to celebrate an important event or milestone.

For example, Caoimhe came in for a shoot to mark her 21st birthday and got some stunning shots that express her vibrant, creative personality!

For more information about our personal brand photoshoots or to book in, follow this link:

The Bling Shoot

Recently I did a test shoot with the wonderful April. I wasn’t testing anything in particular, just trying to keep a little creativity flowing while in lockdown. There were various ideas, but one of which was to make a bling background out of tin-foil! Hope you enjoy!

We made a background out of foil towels (the ones you’d get to keep you warm when stuck up a mountain!). We then used various coloured lights to add some tone…

Finally, we played around with motion, aiming to produce some motion and drama. I think these turned out to be my favourite images.

I am Dance

We kicked off 2020 by inviting young dancers into the studio. We had such fun – I simply wasn’t prepared for the breadth of dance practiced in N.Ireland. Everything from Irish Dancing to Hip Hop to Ballet – the range and talent was incredible!

We just loved using creative lighting to produce some really cool effects such as this silhouette…

… and these colour gels.

We had dancers of all ages – from 2 up to 18! How cute is this wee man?

One common theme across all the genres of dance was the commitment of the kids and their parents. Everything from meticulous outfits, to stories of far flung competitions – and lots of awards!

The talent was simply amazing. We are so blessed in this country to have such talented and dedicated young people.

And I particularly loved all the urban themes that came through!

Thanks to everyone who came – keep practicing and we look forward to photographing many of you soon!


Every now and then we love to add something totally different into our studio portfolio. In the last few years we’ve added in The Little White Box and Babyface sessions – both have been amazingly popular.

So what should we do next? Something that no one else in N.Ireland is doing, something fun and unique. After more than a little head scratching we came across CAPOW!

Everyone loves to dress up, and everyone loves superheroes!

So out we went, bought a movie grade set including backdrops, boulders, metal beams, chains and more! Just when the credit card couldn’t take any more, we bought 30 superhero outfits – from superman and super girl to deadpool and flash!

Somewhat worried about how this might go, we decided to a soft-launch first. Three days of CAPOW shoots later…and the results were amazing!

Here’s our first ever CAPOW family!

One child came into the studio, superhero music blasting. He slipped on his Iron Man outfit.

“Mum, I’m really Iron Man. I’m really him!”

Adults get to join in too. Mums and dads have really enjoyed the experience – we’ve noticed a real Marvel vs DC rivalry. Almost as bad as the Man Utd vs Liverpool rivalry in my house!

One unexpected consequence of the CAPOW shoots were the (sometimes heartbreaking) stories people shared. One child who is ill with Leukaemia had a blast. “We would love to do this shoot with him as he is our hero!”. Another child with autism really got into character.

“I’m so amazed he has done so well. We never get photographs normally!”

We are planning to run the CAPOW shoots once a month – you can book here.

The Power of the Printed Image

Every now and then someone asks me why I like to sell printed images. “Why not just sell digital files”, they say, pointing out that there’s probably more profit to be made in digital files.

Yet my desire for printed images is unwavering. I absolutely love seeing wall-art leaving our studio. To think that pieces of our work are hanging in hundreds (maybe thousands) of homes across Northern Ireland brings a smile to my face.

To think of the number of conversations that have started with a cuppa tea in one hand, standing around a framed picture on the wall.

Phone picture one customer sent of their wall-art.

Recently I had one such occasion. At a close family funeral, folks at the wake gathered around images I had taken of the family. Comments like “aren’t those fantastic”, “so lovely to have”, “wow look at those” where common. Memories captured forever.

Yet not all occasions are so sad. Many of our images produce smiles and laughter. A child with a priceless expression or a dog misbehaving – all funny moments captured forever.

Phone picture one customer sent me of their newborn! Sitting on the piano. We don’t recommend this incase it smacks you on the nose hitting those high chords 🙂

One of the things I love most is when a customer sends me a picture of their new piece of wall-art on the wall. Thanks to everyone who sent in images for this post – keep them coming!

Another phone picture – the stairs are actually a really popular place to hang photographs!

We recently invested in a new fine-art printer for the studio. Fine art paper is probably twice as expensive as normal photographic paper – but it’s worth it! The paper is textured, has a beautiful feel in your hand. It’s also archival grade and has a wonderful quality and feel.

Phone picture a customer sent us of their block print.

From wedding albums to the very latest contemporary wall-art, I can’t wait to see what amazing creations our customers come up with!

Phone Picture of a big family group!

A Reluctant Superhero

Every now and then the team here at Peter Thomas Photography come up with an idea I’m not all that keen on. I think they find it fun to wind me up.

‘Let’s do a Superhero project’ they said.




‘I’ve already booked you one in’.

Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. Let’s get kids to come along in their superhero outfits, hype them up to the nines and create a living nightmare for me, the photographer! More crowd control than art.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. On the contrary, (and I can’t believe I’m saying this), The Superhero project has turned out to be one of the most fun things we’ve done in a while! Inspired by all these amazing super hero outfits and energised by the kids enthusiasm for the project, I thought I’d try and bring something a bit different to the party!

First up, we got some cool superhero signs printed up…

Pow. We had all sorts of outfits – not sure who the next one is but he sure is cool.

This was a great opportunity to play with some lighting setups:

Next up, I thought I’d play around a bit with gelled colours. After plenty of research, I think I’ve (almost) perfected this flare shot – all done in camera! Really love this!

Finally, I used a projector to beam some really cool patterns onto the wall. Here’s a few of my favourites!

Some of the superheros could even fly!

If you’d like a superhero session, just get in touch!

All the best,


Baby Face Launches!

After years of attending many training seminars, how to light complex conditions, the latest and greatest equipment – it amazes me that the most successful things we have done in the studio are really simple! Who’d have thought putting families in a white box would work so well!

And so with Baby Face we’ve really gone back to our roots. Stunning portraiture, beautiful light and no distractions. Square and monochrome – this is contemporary and minimalist. Once you strip back the distractions, you focus on only one thing – the expression. Kids at this age have so many expressions – they can go through 5 different moods every minute! From laughter to curiosity, surprise to confusion, contemplation to contentment, then tears and back to laughter!



Simplicity  – the quality or condition of being plain or uncomplicated in form or design.




About a month ago we ran a Babyface pre-launch for about 10 families. It was great to see how warmly the concept was received. There were lots of happy tears and laughter in the viewing room. Mums in particular commented how easy the session was – these mini-sessions are 20-30mins long and they loved not having to worry about what the wee one was wearing.


We have found that Baby Face is perfect for ages 1-4yrs.





Baby Face is now available, Tuesday – Friday. To celebrate this wonderful new style of portraiture, we are running an introductory offer! For just £10, your little one can enjoy one of our Babyface Portrait Sessions which includes complimentary low-resolution download. You can book here!

Would you like a box of puppies?

We caught up with Assisi volunteer, Susan Farr and her three dogs, Thomas, Indie and Blossom.

“Would you like to look after these puppies?” A question that most would love to be asked and one that Susan Farr has said yes to time and time again. Susan, who had only popped in to pick up her daughter who was volunteering at the Animal Sanctuary as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award, first got involved with Assisi Animal Sanctuary as a foster carer for pups.

“There was a litter of pups abandoned over Christmas in a box that needed all round care. I looked after them until they were ready to live at Assisi, in hope of being rehomed.”

“Altogether I have looked after 5 litters of puppies. Every time I greet my husband with ‘I love you!’ he asks, ‘How many puppies do we have now?’” Susan, who decided to keep Indie from one of those litters. She bottle fed her and due to a spinal disability as a young pup, spent a long time working with her. Susan now has three dogs from Assisi.

“I would highly recommend anyone getting a rescue dog and Assisi are great as they match the dogs to the owners. That’s how we got Blossom.” Blossom needed to live with experienced dog owners and a home without children. At first Blossom sat cowering in the corner at the Animal Sanctuary and has grown into a loving dog. “She wags her tail at everyone she meets and gets very happy when she sees the automatic doors at Tescos.”

“When we got her home after she had been rescued from euthanasia, we had to sit with her in the garden and let her get used to her new environment. There were cherry blossom flowers that were falling through the wind at the time and that’s how we chose her name. It was simply beautiful, just like her.” Susan reminisces. “She fitted in perfectly and has taken it upon herself to protect us from all the birds that come near. Blossom takes this job very seriously,” she laughs.



Susan now volunteers on the home visiting team with Assisi, matching dogs with their forever homes. She admits that rehoming senior dogs is the hardest part, “It’s so sad when a dog is no longer wanted through no fault of their own. Their owner either dies or the Care Home their owner moves into doesn’t allow for dogs.” Thomas, the dog Susan inherited from her mum when she passed away, is now a big part of the Farr family. “Blossom is absolutely in love with him. She will run circles around him and lick his face.”

Susan treated Blossom to her own photoshoot at Peter Thomas Photography and you might agree with us that she has found a beauty that was once unwanted



To book your dog for their photography session we are asking for a donation of £25 – all of which goes to Assisi Animal Sanctuary. Your voucher will entitle you to a full hour in the Studio and an 8×6 print.

Stuck for ideas of what to bring?

So, you have booked your family photography session at the studio and now you need to get ready – but you are unsure of what to bring with you or even what to wear.

Help is here! We have compiled this blog to inspire you towards your personalised photoshoot.  Have a look through these images and get thinking. We will update this as more of you come in with your wonderful worldly possessions.


The traditional newborn photoshoot can be personalised with a favourite blanket or sentimental pieces or of course, a HUGE teddy bear.

[envira-gallery id=”8347″]



Often a stimulating toy is what your toddler will enjoy playing with but a few unique options will provide a different visual story.

[envira-gallery id=”8349″]


Youngsters of Today!

Young ones can enjoy showing off their love of music, fun with fashion and sibling bonds. Ask them to bring something they love to play with or co-ordinate their outfits for maximum effect.

[envira-gallery id=”8352″]



Don’t forget that you can also create a more personalised style for your portrait session. Think about accessories, your love of shoes and matching themes too!

[envira-gallery id=”8354″]



Our pet portraiture has won awards, and who can help loving our four legged family members. Along with the suggested treats, why not bring their favourite bed, decorative outfit or toy.

[envira-gallery id=”8371″]


Getting the most out of your pet photography session

For many, no home is complete without a pet. As a valuable member of your family, you’ll want to capture their personality and a pet photography session is the perfect way to do just that! 




At Peter Thomas Photography we have years of experience in photographing pets. From pampered pooches, to curious cats, and even bouncy rabbits… we’ve truly seen it all!


Each session is uniquely tailored around your pet’s temperament so that we can capture their personality traits in an environment devoid of stress. To do this, each shoot involves a little prior planning and working with you for a smooth running session that isn’t a cat-astrophe. The end result is a bespoke, professional set of images to treasure for a lifetime.

There truly is nothing more special than capturing your beloved pet’s behaviour, which serves as a perfect memento to cherish for years to come. At your session you can expect a fun experience, and plenty of shots to reflect just that. After this, we’ll edit your photos to highlight your pet’s best features, before inviting you back in to view the end result. You can then choose how you want to show off your photos, from framed collages, to fine art prints – perfectly displayed to take pride of place in your home.

To get the most out of your session, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. While your pet may be perfectly behaved, point a camera at them and they can suddenly develop a mind of their own. But, armed with these top tips, we can ensure a smooth running session and a great set of images at the end.

Prior planning

Before your session we’ll talk through what to envision for the shoot, including background colour, style of shots etc.

Location is key

We offer both a studio session or a location of your choice, such as in your home or a local park. Consider what style you’d prefer to determine the perfect location.


Clean & groomed

No doubt you’ll want your pet to look its best so having them groomed and cleaned a couple of days before will do just that. Plus, a flawless, shiny coat looks fabulous in photos.




Walk beforehand

When it comes to dogs, ensure he or she has been walked, especially if they’re a little hyper. We know cats can be lazy little creatures so try to time the appointment around when they are most alert.


Toys & treats

Armed with your pet’s favourite toy or treat is a great way to reward good behaviour and keep them calm, so keep these tools handy.


Familiarise with flash

If possible, get your pet used to flash before the session by taking a few snaps with a camera or even a phone so they’re a little less startled before we begin.





Props for pets

Props can make a welcome addition to photos, instantly adding that fun element. Cute dogs can perfectly play up to that trait with adorable hats, while bulldogs can portray their macho image.

Family photo

As your pet is likely to be at the heart of your family, consider a group family photo to highlight this.



2016-04-13_0004 2016-04-13_0003

So, to get started, this is all you need to do:

  1. Give the studio a call or email, and we’ll get you booked in
  2. Have a chat with us about your vision and we’ll swap ideas
  3. Enjoy your fun-filled photo session
  4. About a week after the shoot, we’ll invite you back to the studio to view your photos
  5. Purchase your photos in whatever style you like
  6. Let your photos take pride of place in your home and enjoy for years to come


Click here to get in touch today.

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