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In a busy hotel, it would be the duty of a caretaker to do the rounds and check that guests are happy and have anything they need taken away, but for one apartment block in Belfast, Smudge, a Shitzu-Maltese Cross, has taken it upon himself to do just that.

Speaking with owner, Rebecca, she tells us that Smudge would go to work with her mum in morning and follow a daily routine of visiting expectant guests who are only to ready to give their doggie donation for the happy pup.

And there is no way better than to start the day without breakfast of course, “He waits for our bacon baps to arrive and has his own breakfast with us. He then waits for Gary, who delivers the prescriptions for the elderly – he always has a treat for him.”

Residents at the Home for the Elderly have all taken Smudge under their care and enjoy having their visit from him on a daily basis. With 38 apartments across two floors, Smudge has somehow organised the residents into a timed and orderly roll call of offerings to suit his every need.

Door No. 2 gives him a biscuit

Door No. 5 has doggie chocolate

Door No. 7 Albert and Sandra get a cuddle

Door No. 16 Keeps his scrap chicken bits from the night before

Then he uses the stairs to head to the second floor if he is on his own. He will only use the lift if accompanied by someone.

Door No. 19 Lets him plays with dog toys that they keep just for him

Then Smudge, having finished the day belly full and toyed out, he returns to reception ready for home time. Without forgetting of course, his arch nemesis, Henry, the new dog on floor 2. “Smudge walks past Door No. 26 to avoid Henry at all costs.”

In chatting with Rebecca she whispers ‘Henry’ as Smudge instantly begins to bark at the sound of his name. After all, you can’t get along with all your neighbours!

Here are a range of images taken of Smudge at the studio. You may recognise him from our Halloween post. A wonderful dog at the studio with a great story to tell.

Thank you Smudge and I hope you enjoy tomorrow’s rounds!

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