Baby Face Launches!

After years of attending many training seminars, how to light complex conditions, the latest and greatest equipment – it amazes me that the most successful things we have done in the studio are really simple! Who’d have thought putting families in a white box would work so well!

And so with Baby Face we’ve really gone back to our roots. Stunning portraiture, beautiful light and no distractions. Square and monochrome – this is contemporary and minimalist. Once you strip back the distractions, you focus on only one thing – the expression. Kids at this age have so many expressions – they can go through 5 different moods every minute! From laughter to curiosity, surprise to confusion, contemplation to contentment, then tears and back to laughter!



Simplicity  – the quality or condition of being plain or uncomplicated in form or design.




About a month ago we ran a Babyface pre-launch for about 10 families. It was great to see how warmly the concept was received. There were lots of happy tears and laughter in the viewing room. Mums in particular commented how easy the session was – these mini-sessions are 20-30mins long and they loved not having to worry about what the wee one was wearing.


We have found that Baby Face is perfect for ages 1-4yrs.





Baby Face is now available, Tuesday – Friday. To celebrate this wonderful new style of portraiture, we are running an introductory offer! For just £10, your little one can enjoy one of our Babyface Portrait Sessions which includes complimentary low-resolution download. You can book here!

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