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Chris & Gemma – Royal Court Portrush

The ushers! Funny I didn’t put the picture below into the album mock-up – but actually it’s a nice wee reportage shot.    Love the next one.

So we arrived at Dunluce Castle, into the eye of a hurricane. Ok slight exaggeration, but it was very very very windy!

  These two had the right idea! 

Now over to the Royal Court…


Not quite sure whats going on here 🙂
 So here’s a brief insight into my world. I take three photos of the same thing, but which to put into the album and blog. AGGGHH no idea which is best!


  1. Fantastic pictures!!Definitely captured the day well…Good subjects to take I suppose!! 😉

  2. Beautiful photographs, lovely wedding and lovely people.
    What a great day. From your babysitter!

  3. Lovely photo’s and a lovely wedding day. Every belssing to Gemma and Chris. Hope they are as happy as her parents have been.

  4. Great photos Peter! Funny how sublime doesn’t look too windy in th photos and Gemma’s skin doesn’t come across as blue n goose bumped!!! Well done!!!!

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