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Kathyrn & Tom – Templeton Hotel, Templepatrick

There must be something in the water at the Bell household – 3 weddings in little more than a year! It was great to be back with them for Kathryn & Tom’s big day..

Here’s a few photos, starting with the bride’s house:

Now to the church..

A few wee tray bakes are always welcome after the service. Naturally, for purely professional reasons and to ensure I was deeply immersed in the atmosphere of the day, I had to test a few. My job really is difficult – and having to carry out such trials is always stressful. I came through though, and I can attest that the Caramel Squares passed this test with flying colours.

After that, I looked round to find a lovely lady in a bowler hat in one corner and a toddler playing drums in the other. All in a days work 🙂


So the plan was to go to Castleupton for a few photographs. The weather was a bit iffy, but we thought we would go for a few minutes anyway.. I’m glad we did:

Love the next one:

I don’t do many weddings with bowler hats – so its kinda compulsory to do the hat throwing photograph. This is highly dis-encouraged – each hat is worth £200 and I didn’t fancy footing the bill for damaged hat…but this isn’t a bad ‘non-throwing, throwing’ picture…

Time for some indoors at the Templeton:

And later it dried up a little:

The games were good fun:

And finally the cake…


  1. Herrliche Photos von einem wunderschönen Brautpaar und einem wunderbaren Hochzeitsfest!

  2. Beautiful photos just like the day Lovely of Kathyrn on her own.
    Yoy do a great job.

    Maurice & Kay

  3. Beautiful photos, really lovely reminders of a very special day. Love them all! Well done once again:-)

  4. Excellent photos once again Peter, it was a special day and these photos captured the atmosphere perfectly!

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