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Mark & Judith – Royal Court Hotel Portrush

Over the Portstewart Baptist…
 Think the next one is funny 🙂

Chocolate and shortbread..hmm…
Dunluce Castle is an amazing venue. Of course it was absolutely blowing a gale but hopefully the photos are worth the bride and groom sticking with it!

  Oh I like this next one…
Doesn’t Mark look happy with himself 🙂

Now at this point the heavens opened and we headed back to the Royal Court…

And one wee funny one to finish with:


  1. Wonderful pictures! From an American perspective, many of your pictures still appear out of this world, or at least out my country–which they are, obviously. Still, there’s a magnificence to them that I rarely see around here. On a side note, I’m extremely happy for you Judith. I haven’t know you very well, but I’ve known you for quite a while and I’ve always appreciated your gentle and fun nature. You deserve the best, and you deserve to be loved…and I’m so glad that you now are.

  2. I still laugh at that last photo…. It’s like Peter Kay, with glasses, doing the ‘Is this the way to Amarillo’ walk!!!LOL Thanks Peter for the photos…they’re amazing!! You done a good job getting rid of all my bruises!!!

  3. Hi love the photography’s they look lovely am married 2 years yesterday. They had a lovely day for there wedding didnt they

  4. Gosh, the colours came out really vibrantly – look at the bridesmaids colours. Fabulous! I love the one of you and your dad Judith! And the pictures at Dunluce – beautiful!

    What a lovely couple!

  5. All so both are radiant and the photographer did a great job capturing your special day!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!

  6. beautiful photos considering the weather was not so good…..a good choice of photographer Mark

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