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The Famous Little Things: The Box

I regularly get asked questions such as ‘what makes you different’ or ‘what makes your packages attractive’?. So this is the first article in a short series which takes a look at answering those questions. Its not based on my perceptions – rather I’ve based it on a simple premise – things which people mention when they ring me up.

Firstly, people often mention ‘The Box’. This little box isn’t special in itself, but I have to say that brides simply love whats inside. Let me explain.


1. 6×4 prints of all the pictures.
I believe that couples should have their photographs in their hands. They shouldn’t have to load up a CD or play a DVD – the good old fashioned way is the best. I print all the photographs (normally 300-350). Brides comment that it helps them when picking their album – its simply easier to pick your favourite photographs when you can put them out on a table and compare. Secondly, after their album is picked most brides put these 6x4prints into a small album of there own.


2. Album mock-up
Relatively unique to Peter Thomas Photography, we spend a great deal of time creating a mock album-layout for you. Its simply our ideas as to what will look good. Its a great start and usually speeds up the process. Of course, you are welcome to change it as much or as little as you like!


3. The DVD Collection
At the moment, the Box includes 2 DVDs. Firstly (and for a limited time only), we are including the actual files on DVD. This allows you to do your own reprints should you wish to. It also allows you to email photos to friends, put them on facebook – whatever you want! Secondly, we include a DVD slideshow of all your photographs to music. Many couples choose a few songs- often the first dance and a few songs that mean something special.


So there you go – you’ve been introduced to The Box! It’s lovely to get something into your hand when you get back from honeymoon. While you choose your album photographs, you’ll still have something worthwhile to show friends and family.

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