Happy 5th Birthday!

This month, Stacey Irvine celebrates 5 years at Peter Thomas Photography Studio. A rare feat in this day and age, as trends see employees change jobs on average every two years. 


To celebrate, we got to interview Stacey about her time at the studio to date and see some of her earlier work!

Happy Birthday Stacey! Where did it all start?

“Thanks! I was was studying a new Photography course at University of Ulster and working part time in retail. A colleague at the store recommended I apply for the position when she saw it online.”


Did you always want to be a portrait photographer?

“My family had actually been planning to live in Lanzarote when I left school after my GCSE’s. They had an unspent dream of running a bar somewhere hot. I had secured a place at an International School on the island to continue what would be the equivalent of A-Levels. With this coming up, I began scuba-diving lessons with my own dream of becoming a Scuba Dive Instructor.”


But all of that changed with the recession and our home in Lisburn couldn’t get sold. After September rolled in, my friends had already arranged to go back to school for A-Levels. I made a quick visit to my local College and signed up for a B-Tec National Diploma in Art & Design. I was given access to a camera and photography studio and began having fun photographing class mates. That’s when I fell in love.”

Can we see some of your early work?

Yes! I am still good friends with them!

Early work by Portrait Photographer, Stacey Irvine














So how have things changed over the 5 years at the studio?

My initial job at the Studio was as a Digital Artist, 3 days a week, editing Weddings of which there were about 50-60 a year.


The portrait side of the studio was only starting up, which Peter took care of. And about a year in, the volume began to increase. That’s when I began also taking portraits.

Was your first session a family or dogs?

We didn’t start photographing dogs until much later! In November 2015, we brought in my own dog, Harper, to experiment how it might work and what best lighting to use.


The first dog photographed at the award winning studio
Stacey’s gorgeous black labrador, Harper.

You are pretty famous among our customers as the baby and pet photographer – how did you come to specialise in that?

While I was working at Peter Thomas Photography only 3 days, I covered Maternity leave at a Newborn studio in Moira. That was way back in 2014. I absolutely loved it!

What was it like to win Newborn & Baby Photographer of the Year?

Newborn photography is hard work – but once you persevere and get THAT image, it’s worth it.

It was pretty awesome to win the award as I was specialising a lot I’m Newborns. It is so gratifying to be recognised in your own field.

Any funny stories from newborn portrait sessions?

I now carry a change of clothes in my car as I have been peed and poohed a few times! And not only by babies but pets as well!


Winning Pet Photographer of the Year!
















How are you celebrating your 5 years?

Peter is taking us all out for some crazy golf followed by a Taster Menu at James St South! I am sure images will follow!


If Stacey has photographed you and your family and you would like to leave her a message – please comment below.


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