The Gift of Wet Weather

Thats a strange title for a Wedding Photographer! But every now and then wet weather forces us photographers to think differently and get creative.

The below two photographs were taken at a recent wedding. We didn’t take a single photograph outside all day – and it was in a location not normally renowned for indoor photography. Lovely couple – and I quite like these two photographs – both of which were taken ‘off the beaten’ track at the hotel and the church…

Above: Taken in a corridor outside the bridal suite.

Above: Taken on a white wall. There’s a flourescent light in behind the wall – think it was a 1970’s feature! I toyed with taken the wall on the left out – but left it in just for fun…

You can see more if you want here

p.s. I was just thinking that I quite like having a blog – it allows make to post pictures which might not be award winning, but are interesting or eye-catching in their own way…real-life pictures from normal weddings with normal weather (at least for N.Ireland!). Hope you enjoy reading these very random posts!

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