Brooch Beauty – Part 2

Last week I kicked of the first of two articles on Brooch Bouquets. You can check out that article here for a little background.




Not only did I want to find out more about the trend, but wanted to find out who was delivering these creations in Northern Ireland.


So this week I’ve enlisted the help of Rebecca Lucky from ‘Brooch Bouquets by Aurora’ based in Bangor.

Hello!! Why did you get into making brooch bouquets?

Brooch Bouquets by Aurora was born from the need to have an alternative to fresh flowers. You put as much time and effort into planning your wedding flowers as you do everything else and they simply wilt and die. After all the planning, the big day is over in a flash and all you have left to remind you of the day are you photographs and now you can cherish the bouquet as well! And even, perhaps long enough to pass on to the next generation as that special ‘something borrowed’!


Who is your typical client?

Every bride is different!


We have girls who want big and bling and others who what wild and wonderful.


We, we strive hard to provide something different, personal but still classy and timeless.


Couples are now striving to put their own mark on their day, long gone are the traditional white wedding box where everything contained the same old sugared almonds. And why be the same as everyone else when you can have bespoke?!


I have a picture in mind that they would be popular with alternative brides

Yes, but not exclusively. We have ladies from all walks of life. Thats the beauty of brooch bouquets! They are for everyone!

So where do you get your inspiration from??

We generally get our ideas from the bride, but do try to gently prompt her in the right direction. The design process is my favourite part. I love discussing ideas, its so exciting. She describes what she wants and then the fun part begins! Sourcing the brooches and piecing them together to create a unique and beautiful statement. I love shopping for the brooches! Discovering a cool unusual piece or a incorporating a vintage brooch that is years old! When I am out and about I am always on the look out, no brooch is ever left behind! I have also raided my granny’s button tin! That was like Aladdin’s cave!

Your work is impressive – Im sure its hard work!

Making them is intricate work, but I find it therapeutic. Seeing the design finished is so rewarding! But not as rewarding as seeing the photographs from her wedding day.


As corny as it sounds, I utterly adore this job and I put my heart into every piece. And although it is long work, I enjoy every moment.


Although when I make a button bouquet, I even go to bed and dream about buttons! I don’t know what it is about the buttons that make it into my dreams, but they always end up there!

I notice its not all bouquets – you seem to have a whole range of products?

We provide bouquets, buttonholes, bridesmaids, flower girl wands, kissing balls, corsages and some venue dressings if required. Of course we are always open to new and exciting ideas and love taking on original commissions.

Kissing balls? Ok lets move swiftly on! LOL. What is your favourite piece?

My favorite piece always changes, I love something, and then I make something else which I love more, or something that has a beautiful story. Like the bouquet we made with the bride’s father’s wedding rings on the handle. It really struck a cord with me. I have to stop telling the story of that bouquet to brides at bridal fairs, because I have made two cry, then I cried and then my sister who was helping me out cried! Weddings are so emotional! There are always people who can not make it, and to have the option to be able to include all of our loved ones in such an amazing occasion is a really special thing.

Opps…I may cry again!

Sounds a little like photography – the photographs I like most arent necessarily those that are technically the best – but those that have some kind of story or emotion to them. I guess you get emotionally attached.


Pass me those Kleenex please. (Note from editor – Peter made this line up in a bid to be funny. He is easily amused )


Thanks to Rebecca for answering my questions.


Check out her website and facebook at and for a few samples of what’s available.


Next Week

Tune in next week when I’ll be catching up with a Belfast entrepreneur looking to make a big impression on the wedding stationary scene!


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