If the shoe fits: A guide to choosing your wedding shoes

The title might read “If the shoe fits” but when it comes to choosing wedding shoes, it’s definitely much more than simply the fit. The fact is, many women are just as excited about choosing their wedding shoes as their dress and we can’t blame them! It’s the perfect opportunity to splash out guilt-free on a once in a lifetime pair of shoes. So where do you start? Fear not! Have your very own Cinderella moment with our guide to choosing those all-important wedding shoes.



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1. The size of the matter

Yes, when it comes to shoes, size does matter, and now more than ever! If you’ve been going through life as a size 7 in trainers and a 5 in heels, it’s time to get measured. Your wedding day isn’t the time to be wearing ill fitting shoes so head to a professional and find out your true size once and for all.

2. Avoid impulse purchases

With a million and one things to do the desire to impulse buy might be high but we say: “Don’t do it”. If a pair of shoes in a window catches your eye, chances are they will still be there tomorrow. You don’t want to look back and regret purchasing the first pair of shoes in sight so make sure you give the decision some thought. Look around a while before you settle on your perfect pair.


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3. Stick to what you’re used to

If you don’t normally wear 6 inch stilettos, your wedding day shouldn’t be the first time you try them out. You should already have a fair idea of what heel height you are most comfortable with so avoid the temptation to reach new heights – stick well within your comfort zone.


4. Wear them in

Often the most comfortable shoes are those which have been well and truly worn in. It might sound obvious but never has there been a more important time to wear in your wedding shoes. A couple of weeks prior to the wedding, get them on and wear them around the house. They’ll adapt to the shape of your feet, meaning that wearing them for 12 or more hours will be a breeze!


5. Consider your surroundings

A certain level of practically needs to be taken into consideration when finding the ones. Wooden floors, sandy beaches and cobblestones may call for a certain type of shoe. Some wedding venues impose rules when it comes to guests’ shoes but they will make you aware of this at the time of enquiry.



6. Indulge… a little

Don’t feel you need to play it safe when it comes to the style of your shoes. Your wedding day offers you the chance to really push the boat out and indulge a little. Swap those safe, nice nude heels for what your heart really desires. Whether you’re craving colour, sparkle or bling, choose the most glamorous pair of shoes you could ever imagine! Just think of the endless photo opportunities.


7. Consider the style

While yes, it’s a good idea to indulge, you should still try to ensure these are carefully coordinated with your wedding dress. Your shoes and dress should work in harmony, perfectly flattering each other. So yes, choose your dress first but don’t forget the importance of finding the perfect shoes to match.


8. Don’t be afraid of colour

One of the most lusted after bridal shoes are Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic blue broach encrusted Manola Blahnik heels, proving that wedding shoes don’t need to be white. If you aren’t afraid of colour and you want to inject oodles of your personality into your wedding day, an alternative pair of shoes will do just that.


9. Have flats handy

A bare foot bride on the dance floor screams accident waiting to happen. After 12 or so hours on your feet, no doubt they’ll be sore but don’t just ditch your heels… swap them for flats. Nowadays there are a wealth of gorgeous bridal flats available so grab a pair just in case. And don’t forget your guests. If your family and friends are floor fillers, a welcome favour is a basket of flip flops beside the dance floor. They’ll definitely thank you for it!


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10. Plan for the future

Why spend all that time choosing the perfect pair of shoes for one day? Find a pair which can be worn on special occasions. Or, why not consider a way to display them? They’re too pretty not to admire for years to come!


MeAideen McCanny is our resident guest blogger, fashion and wedding guru. She has written for many of Ireland’s top fashion publications.

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