If the shoes fits: 10 things to consider when choosing your wedding shoes

The last thing you or your bridesmaids need is aching ankles and blistered heels so with this is mind, guest blogger Aideen McCanny shares 10 things you need to know about choosing your wedding shoes to keep those feet happy!




1) Begin your search early

Remember, you’ll need your wedding shoes for your dress fittings to determine it is the perfect length so begin your quest to find your perfect heels early. Check out bridal magazines, search online and in-store to determine which styles you like.


2) Comfort is key

It’s no surprise that you’ll be wearing your wedding shoes all day so make sure that you will actually want to wear them all day long! The day will involve standing for photographs, dancing and plenty of mingling with guests so if you have your eye on a pair of killer heels that kill your feet, it’s definitely time to ditch them. Try on various style and shapes to determine the best fit for your feet and match for your dress.



3) Make them special

You’ve found the dress of your dreams and it’s time to find a pair of equally stunning pair of shoes! You would be forgiven for thinking that no one will even notice your feet but you’d be surprised at the number of people who will actually ask to see your shoes, so make them special. A good pair of shoes can make you feel truly amazing and giving your guests the occasional peak at an exquisite pair of shoes will make you feel like a princess. Wedding shoes don’t have to be boring! Find a pair that combines style and comfort for the winning combination!



4) Practice makes perfect

Don’t let the first day you wear your shoes be your wedding day… wear them in! A few weeks before your wedding, wear them around your house so they’ve moulded to fit your feet and eased up a bit. When it comes to the wedding day, you’ll be sashaying around in them with great ease.



5) Match your theme

Let the theme of your wedding determine your shoe selection. If you’re having an outdoor reception, consider wedges or flats or invest in some heel protectors to avoid sinking into soft ground.




6) Check your venue requirements

Some venues, particularly historic locations have a policy when it comes to stiletto heels so check if this is a condition before you purchase and inform your guests.


7) Wet weather plans

We live in a country where rain is expected so invest in a pair of weddington boots (yes, that’s a thing). This will keep your feet try and toes toasty for those all important wedding day photos!



8) Make a statement

If you fancy swaying from tradition, consider statement shoes. More and more brides are seeking an alternative to white or ivory shoes. Add a pop of colour to your wedding day look with a bold hue, which makes for some wonderful wedding photos.



9) Consider material

If you’ve chosen a long, flowing luscious lace gown, avoid heavily embellished shoes which may catch on your dress, it will save you a *hole* lot of trouble!




10) Pamper your feet

Open toe shoes call for a pedicure so make sure you add this to your beauty regime in the run up to the wedding! A luxury pedicure is the perfect way to relax and will ensure your feet are pristine!



Me Aideen McCanny is our resident guest blogger, fashion and wedding guru. She has written for many of Ireland’s top fashion publications.



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